Our relationship has continued to grow...
scorpioal & stephipoo26

His Story:
It all started with a "hi" sent to me by a really cute girl, stephipoo26. That simple beginning sparked a relationship that has just continued to grow and flourish. At first, we chatted and messaged each other through the website, until one fateful Sunday afternoon which we spent 5 hours of chatting before deciding to exchange phone numbers. We then spent another 3 hours talking to each other on the telephone.

Ever since that Sunday we have spent several hours every day talking to each other on the phone and growing closer together even though we are separated, for now, by 300 miles. Our relationship has continued to grow and we are now engaged to be married in the early spring of 2010. This site has been such a blessing for us as it allowed us to meet, which probably would not have happened otherwise.


Her Story:
I didn't think I was going find anyone on here, but on October 16th 2009 I sent a flirt to scorpioal. Well to my surprise he sent me one back the next day. Since that day we have been chatting and sending flirts. One Sunday after church we have been chatting online for about 5 hours, and then decided to exchange phone numbers, and so we ended up chatting on the phone for about 4 hours. Since then we have been talking on the phone, and I got a web-cam, so we can talk and see each other face to face. He is coming here December 26th - January 2nd to help me plan our wedding. We plan on getting married in the spring sometime. I am so glad I found the one that I am going to marry. He makes me so happy. Thank you for the site. I didn't think online dating works, but it does.


***Update as of 7/8/10***
Adam and I have been happily married for almost 3 months. We were married in the Jordan River Temple. There were a lot of family and friends to celebrate with us. With us doing a long distance engagement we had to make the decision on where to live. We went back and forth on if I should move to Utah, or if Adam should move to Las Vegas, but in the end we both decided that I would move to Utah. The engagement was a trial for us, because Adam was living in Utah, and I was living in Las Vegas. My family was not very supportive of us getting married in April, because they felt it it was to soon, but we always knew that it was the best decision, so we married in April. During the engagement we did whatever we could to see each other. I would fly and see him, and those were the best moments, but the worst moments was when I (or he) would have to leave. I never thought that I would have met such an amazing person on an LDS dating website, but I did, and we are very happy. We are now living in Murray UT in an apartment, and are enjoying the independence. One year ago I never thought of being married, but I am so happy. Every time I see Adam I smile, and there is not one day that goes by that we don't say "I love you". Thank you again for your website, and for bringing this wonderful man into my life.

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