It is a dream come true!
ldswoman256 & nagklimot

Her Story:
I saw Michael's profile the first day I logged onto! He is a widow with four beautiful children. I am a divorced convert to the church. We chatted for three weeks, talked on the phone for three weeks, spent Thanksgiving together, and are planning on getting married in June of 2010! It is a dream come true! Thank you so much!


Nicki (ldswoman256)

His Story:
I met Nicki on LDSSingles early on, but I was trying to play hard to get for about three weeks (I wasn't quite ready for the commitment again since I had just lost my wife a month before to Leukemia). I chatted with her and built a terrific friendship. Finally, I became frustrated that people seemed sympathetic, but uninterested in actually dating. I was also disappointed that everyone seemed to be so far away since I am in Chicago and everyone else seems to be in Utah, even Nicki. I wanted to make one last attempt and Nicki grabbed my attention. Even though my status was offline, she sent an instant message. We started to chat further and she gave me her phone number and I decided to call her. We talked on the phone for the next six hours. At three thirty in the morning we decided to call each other the next evening. At two thirty in the morning we decided to Skype the next evening. The instant I saw her on the computer screen I knew that she was woman that would fill the void in my life. She is amazing for all that she is willing to take on with four kids and a husband that is still dealing with the stresses of this life. After a short week of late night phone calls and trip to the temple to pray about it...I know that she is the woman of my dreams. She is my eternal companion prepared by my Loving Heavenly Father for me and my family. We will be married in June of 2010.

Thanks LDS Singles,

Michael (nagkalimot)

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