I'm happier than I've ever been in a relationship...

I created my profile a long time ago, over a year. I've met a few interesting people, one of which is still one of my closest friends, but nothing more. I had even forgotten about it for a few months. Then I noticed the charge on my bank statement so I logged in to cancel the renewal. Well, while online I decided to see who else was online, just for the fun of it, and noticed Juli being online. Her photo caught my eye, so I looked at the profile. The thing that impressed me most about it is the fact that she had been through many life lessons and had a great perspective on life and mistakes and herself in general. So, I decided to write to her, just to tell her that I liked her profile and hoped that she kept the same perspective and hoped she found happiness in her life. I really didn't ask for or expect a reply.

To my surprise she did write back and said she'd like to learn more about me, so we set up a time to chat online. That lasted for several hours and we ended up on the phone for several more. We ended up with the decision to meet in person and have dinner and maybe catch a movie. We totally hit it off. It was a connection stronger than I've ever felt; Same with her. So we've been seeing each other as much as possible with my school (I'm back in school as a full-time student) and the fact she lives in North Ogden, but it's gone great. I even spent the weekend there with her and her kids, celebrating her son's tenth birthday with them and have been going to church with them. It's wonderful.

We read scriptures together, have deep conversations about many topics, say nightly prayers together, either in person or via phone, and I'm happier than I've ever been in a relationship in my life.

I've had my doubts about this website, about any online dating website...but I must say, I'm thankful that I signed up and thankful Juli signed up as well. Thank you for providing the means to bring us together. If we end up getting married, I'll let you know!!!



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