I don't feel I could have met anyone more perfect for me.

I am recently divorced from a 17 yr abusive relationship...to an LDS man BTW. I decided to put myself on a 1 yr waiting /dating plan and had no intention of getting serious with anyone as I am not so good at picking men. So, I was going to break for a year and work on myself to become closer to my Father in Heaven.

I work from home, online with my computer and telephone doing customer service calls. One day while multi-tasking, working, paying some bills online, etc., a thought flashed through my mind to Google LDSSingles.com I had no idea what I would find, but it looked interesting so I joined.

I had a big response and was actually a bit overwhelmed. There were just too many to choose from, so I felt I needed to narrow it down a bit, plus I did not like sounding like a parrot repeating myself all the time and could not remember what I said to whom.

I kept feeling drawn to this one particular individual, Steve. He just flew back to UT after a visit with me. Over the weekend we became engaged, after going through a session at the Houston Temple on Friday night, just before closing for Gen. Conf.

So, my children and I are planning on moving "back" to UT sometime Jan-ish...not set date yet, as my younger kids were born there.

It turns out his oldest daughter lives in Kearns and her name is Kristina. My oldest daughter lives in Kearns and her name is Kristina also...mine is 6 yrs. older.

We also both have a daughter named Kelli, his is 15 months older..and both have 3 boys, but for now my oldest 2 are living with their dad.

I don't feel I could have met anyone more perfect for me. We have much in common and get along great and had I not listened to that still small voice, although I was very busy at the time...we never would have met.

I am grateful for the whisperings from the Holy Ghost and for a loving Heavenly Father who brings just the right people into my life when I need them most.

Kim C

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