Success Stories: 2009
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I almost gave up finding someone online, when a guy from Cali sent me a flirt. I flirted back, and we started messaging. A couple of days later, we were talking on the phone. There was something different about him from the start. The conversation came so easily and we had so much in common. It was also easy to tell that we were evenly yolked as far as the gospel goes. That is very important to me. About two weeks after meeting, my cutie from Cali asked if I would like to meet. I said that I would, and he bought me a ticket so I could fly into California from Ohio a week and a half later. Before I met him, I prayed to know if I would be safe. I felt a strong sense of peace and trusted in the Lord that I would be safe, so I went. When I saw him for the first time, I thought he looked even better than his online pictures. It was nice to see that I was attracted to him instantly. I could not stop smiling. Our first date was at the Oakland Temple. We did family file names for my family. We did all of the ordinances from baptisms to sealings. It was a great way to spend our time and a real indicator of our common desire to serve. By our third date, we had decided to get married. We had both prayed about marriage to each other before we met in person. It surprised me that we both felt the desire to do pray about that and that we both felt something strong enough to pray about marriage before we met physically. We are getting sealed in the Sacramento temple in 3 months. I feel so blessed and thankful to Heavenly Father for hearing my many prayers and helping me find my eternal companion. I feel such a sense of peace and calm. I know it is right and that we will have such a happy life together.

I wasnt looking for something really... but i thought it would be fun to check well William emailed me the same day that i signed up. i responded and well we havent stoped talking to each other since. thats it!

After the passing of my wife in 2007, I felt like I wasn't meant to live alone. Someone at Church mentioned there was a website called LDSSingles, so I decided to just try it. I never did anything like that before, of course. I did make many contacts but a FLIRT from a woman in Tennessee kind of got to me. So, I replied and for several weeks we emailed each other; then it went to the phone.

Then, about a month before Thanksgiving last year, I received a call from her asking if she could come and visit me for Thanksgiving since her children were going to be with in-laws plus because of the passing of her son in September, she felt a need to get out of Knoxville. It kind of took me by surprise and I started stuttering thinking "where will she stay?" She asked me to think about it. In the meantime, I asked one of my 6 sisters if she would be willing to put up with her for a long weekend and she said "yes". But, she was prepared to tell me to find somewhere else if she didn't like her. It worked out she did like her. I called Lynn back. She came up to the metropolis of Brazil, Indiana.

She left late in the afternoon so her arrival would get her to Brazil about 11 p.m. In the meantime, I was calling her about every hour to be sure she was safe. After leaving Indianapolis on I-70, it was pretty dark and her thoughts went to her friends who had warned her about coming up here by herself to meet a strange man and she started thinking the same thing. As she got closer to the meeting place, the fear got worse. We met and she spent the weekend meeting my whole family which consists of 6 sisters, 2 brothers and their families and deciding maybe I was "the one". Before leaving for Knoxville, we had our first prayer together and I gave her a Granny kiss and I felt at that time that she could possibly be the one.

More phone calls and I was to go visit her family after Christmas, but I had some health issues and was not able to go so she decided to make another visit up here. Staying with my sister again, they became very close friends. During this visit, while visiting the resort town of French Lick, Indiana, we actually were touring the newly restored hotel with my brother and his wife, we happened to be inside one of the restored bath houses and I popped the big question - would she marry me. She hesitated 1 second and said "yes". We were married in Knoxville in the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints on March 21st and we have lived happily so far.

She is the Enrichment Leader in our ward now and I have been called as a High Councilman in our Stake.

We would recommend LDSSingles for those who are searching for happiness. Thanks for the great website.

Her name was Lynn Willis; username rckytopmom. My username was pistolpete606.

Pete Paullus

I joined this web site on February 14th and received a flirt from kcldslady on February 15th. Though I live in AZ and Cindy in Kansas City, MO, I have two children who live in Topeka, KS, which is only an hour away from Cindy. After texting, e-mailing, chatting on this web site and talking on the phone, I flew to Kansas City and met Cindy, while being able to visit my children as well. We hit it off perfectly and were married on March 16th, just one month after her first flirt to me.

I love that there is a site which allows LDS singles to meet other people with the same values, etc.

Thank you for helping me find me current wife!


I met bluecastle in Febuary 2008. We chatted a while but lost touch. We had met someone else on this site and wound up getting our hearts shattered. She deleted her account but I had kept mine. We got back in touch and I flew to meet her in Montana. We hit it off very well. I asked her to marry me on April 13, 2009 in one of the jets I work on and she said yes. We are getting married May 15, 2009.

So there I was, in the middle of a War zone looking to spend a little off time chatting with some good LDS women. I cam upon Stacie's profile and began to strike up conversation through messages and chat. Who knew we would have so much in common. This site turned out to be wonderfull way to get to know someone without pressure or expectations. I knew from the first time I met her she was the one for me and hopefully we will be married in the Temple later this year. Thank you LDS Singles for making this possible, by providing a safe user friendly environment for LDS singles to meet and get to know one another.

I am a very selective person; I always wanted certain characteristics in the girl I chose to marry. provided a way that I could filter out those I wasn't interested in and be very open and flirty with those I thought had those certain characteristics that I searched for.

It wasn't but after a few flirts and a several messages that I found beautiful_oblivion: the girl I would eventually marry. From the first chat we had online, I knew she was something special. After a few weeks we exchanged phone numbers, and set up a date! She lived 4 hours away, but made the brave journey out to where I live. Over the next few months we visited each-other often.

It is nine months after our initial meeting now. Just two days ago I proposed to the girl of my dreams, beautiful_oblivion! ...and guess what?! -She said, 'yes'!

Thank you LDSsingles for helping me find my super hot, eternal companion!!

With appreciation,


Man from Louisiana meets girl from Ohio and they fell madly in love. The internet has finally provided an avenue for LDS singles to connect from a distance. It worked for us. We would have never met had we have relied on the conventional meeting process. Thank you LDSSingles Online

I found everything I was looking for... on my very first try! No, seriously: I searched for someone tall, with a Temple recommend, who had served a mission, and who had an interest in cycling. The first person I contacted ended becoming my fiance, although I did talk with some others in between first contact and proposal. I'm very happy to have found someone I have so much in common with and wouldn't hesitate to suggest other active LDS members give the service a try.

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