Success Stories: 2009
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We met 1 1/2 weeks after talking on and fell head over heals for each other. We are extremely happy and looking forward to our future together!

On May 23rd I married the woman of my dreams. We met on here and started chatting. It wasn't long before we knew that there was something special between us.
Now she has moved across three states for us to be married and start our life together. We are now living our dreams together with our 7 children. I am happier than I have ever been! So as for me and LDS Singles??? I am a firm believer!!!! Good Luck to all those who are still searching don't give up!!! and to all the single girls my wife says too bad I'm now

Well, I flew to Apple Valley California, and meet with Terry Boyce.
She was much more attractive in person.
Terrie is gorgeous, loving, caring, did I mention gorgeous!
I was to meet her in the airport baggage area, but my flight landed 30 minutes early, so I arrived first.
While I was awaiting my baggage to arrive, she walked up behind me and said “Jim”.
I turned around and was heart struck; I could not believe she was so beautiful.
Then I thought I hope she does not reject me, because she is so beautiful, but she did not! 
We left the airport stopped by her home in Apple Valley, CA; meet her 18 year old Son, went by her Ice company, meet her Brother, went to Cedar City, UT and meet her daughter, older son and family (grandkids).
I Love her family they are good LDS members and nuts, I fit right in with them all.
WOW, 9 grandkids, and I Love them all.
I purposed to her whist we were standing on Bryce Canon’s lookout point, and she said YES.
All of her family (Cedar City) was there, and we took pictures.
Her daughter and I went ring shopping the next day and we found a beautiful ring which could be resized down to a 3 ½ and still look perfect.
After we all left the mall in St. George, we went to Red Lobster to eat lunch, and Terrie as convinced that we had not found a ring, so when I acted like I dropped my fork on the floor and knelled down to get it, and presented the ring to her and I said “Terrie I know you have already said YES, but would you marry me again? She said YES I Will! 
She was over whelmed with emotion as was I.
The wait staff all gathered around once they saw what was going on.
We are scheduled to be married by her Bishop in Apple Valley, CA on the 25th of July 2009.
I need to get started with reversal of a Temple Marriage from my EX-wife, and I understand that it may take 3 to 48 months to complete.
We will be sealed in the Temple once that has cleared or in a year which ever happens last.
I LOVE Terrie so much and I already feel a part of her, and I have honored my Priesthood.
I have never been so much in LOVE with a Lady like this before, it is like I have known her all of my life and as if we were searching for each other forever, and when we found each other it was like finding an eternal friend and companion.
I will keep you up to date as the wedding approaches.


I looked at his profile, but did not message him. Next thing I know, he messaged me. After we talked for a couple weeks, he drove four hours to take me on a date and it went so well! The week after we decided to give a relationship a try and next thing we knew, we were getting married! We're both very excited and are glad to have found the right person at the just right time!

WEll I am a native californian. She is as well but I am from norcal and
she is from socal. I live in provo and she had a non active profile, but
i messaged her anyways, being that I saw that she was from a huge family
and I am sure that being with me wouldn't do any harm... She for some
reason activiated her account and saw that I messaged her and she opened
an IM screen. we both said hi and really, we got into a deep
conversation about personal histories, and we were so much the same it
was scary! I asked her out then and there and we saw the movie "UP" 1.5
hours later. WE held hands and cuddled that same night, and we both
knew, that we need to put effort into making this work. She is so, real,
and so refreshing to me, that I can't ignore that feeling. I always
knew that this kind of things happened, but never with me. I am lucky.
So lucky.

Our Success story is kind of a funny one. It all started when I messaged this guy named Trampas and at first he thought man that is a bad picture of her well he answered me anyway and we got talking for at least three hours over ldssingles chat line then Trampas and I somehow got disconnected off of Ldssingles, anyways I am getting boring well Trampas asked me to write him while he goes to boot camp and I told him yes, anyways we started talking on the phone and we would talk for hours and hours till the sun came up that went on for about two weeks then we started to date and that went on for another two weeks then we got an idea and we decided to meet a couple of weeks later for the first time we finally met and my whole body just filled with love and emotion knowing this will be the guy that I will be marrying soon, when he took me in his arms and kissed me that so amazing, anyways he brought my cowgirl hat which I totally adore to this day! he went and paid for my hat to be shaped and everything, then we decided to go to the temple and walk around we did that for at least a half hour, we took some pictures and talked to each other more and more got to know each other more, Then we went home met my grandparents for dinner then we went home and settled in he was supposed to stay for two week but he ended up staying at my house for like a month, here comes a good part we get engaged within a month of being with each other its better than his mom and dad. We were engaged for about four months then we decided to get a civil marriage on December 31, 2008 and we have been happily married since and that’s been almost six months and since we are so young by the way I’m eighteen and my name is Nikki and my husband’s name is Trampas and he is twenty, now we are ready and wanting to get our endowments out and that will be at the end of June sometime, well that is our success story and I hope you enjoy it.
Nikki and Trampas McClure

Well I dated about 30 outstanding women from this site. Broke some hearts and got my heart broken. I put myself out there and it was worth it. I have met a wonderful girl and have been dating her exclusively for a while now. I guess it's up to us now to see where this goes but thanks to LDS singles we we were able to meet. Wow lots of fun!!

Man from Louisiana finds Lady from Ohio. We connected very quickly. My profile and picture is what first caught his attention. Then when he emailed me a response, and I looked at his, I also liked what I saw and read. LDS Singles gave us a safe avenue to connect. Because we're both members of the Church, we had that as a foundation to build on. The matching profiles were a huge help. The ability to talk thru instant messaging and emails gave us safety in getting to know each other and allowed us to talk a lot about everything. He is exactly who I've been waiting for my whole life and he found me- which is what I had prayed for! Thanks to LDS Singles, we are soon to be married and this Buckeye is being transplanted to beautiful Louisiana. Good luck everyone!

Loretta saw me on the site in March 2009 but did not contact me until April 9th. After talking on skype we decided on April 14th that I would go to Canada to meet her.
On April 15th we decided that we knew enough to plan to get married.
I am leaving on June 8th and we expect to get married in July or August.

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