Success Stories: 2009
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I met my fiancee on LDS singles. com , it allowed us to write back and forth which escalated to a visit from Alaska to Oregon and again from Oregon to Alaska using Lds singles made the inapproachable possible, soon to be married.

I had just gone through a bad break up and I was looking on your site to see if I could find someone fun who would I was attracted to and who would make me feel special. A few days later I found Doug and we have been dating for two months now and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!

Although ldssingles did not match us, the love of my life found my profile and made a comment and from there a small spark grew into an eternal flame! We started talking through the site messages and then began texting and emailing and then talking on the phone all within the first week we met. Before the end of one month, we knew we had found the person we had both been waiting and longing for. Our first visit in person, we got engaged. And will be married before the end of the summer. We both feel truly blessed and our grateful to Heavenly Father for prayers answered and the eternal love we have for each other.

I met Blake last December through LDSSingles. We IM'ed a few times and then started talking on the phone. We live 4 hours apart but a few weeks after the phone calls started we had the opportunity to meet for lunch. It wasn't love at first sight, but there was definitely a mutual interest.

Things were pretty casual at first. He was cautious about dating in general and I was actually more interested in somenoe else. Then, one night after a particularly great conversation, things just clicked. I realized the "funny friendly guy" I had been talking to had hidden depths and sincerity that made him very appealing to me. He saw that I was someone who was caring, "not crazy", happy and genuine.

All it took was one more meeting in person and things really took off after that. Blake is the love of my life. We often comment on how much we are in sync on so many topics/levels. We are very happy and cannot wait to begin our life together later this year.

I had been pretty frustrated with dating sites in general and was about to throw in the towel when Blake popped in out of nowhere. For people who are serious about finding someone, this can work!!!

Like anything worthwhile a relationship takes work. Meeting online was just half the battle. However, had we not met and then taken the opportunity to sacrifice to spend time together we wouldn't be the happy couple we are.
In six short months we went from chatting, to dating and now Judi and I will be sealed in the Temple with her teenage son and college age daughter. My girls love her and her family. What a great blessing for all of us.

my name is susan. before joining lds singles i had been through two very bad marriages by all accounts i should have gave up or at least that is what everyone kept telling me. If I had though I never would have reconnected with chris. He is the most incredible guy. He treats me and my four kids better than any guy I have had in our lives. we are set to be married on october 24 and i am really excited about that. My kids just love him. they even call him dad already. we plan to get sealed next year in the oaker temple, which we will be taking my kids through the open house next week so even if they can not be with me on that day they can say that they have seen where we will be at. I am so very, very glad that i did not give up cause if i had i never would have met chris.

I was divorced and tired of dating girls who judged me for being divorced. One girl actually said that I probably was a bad person because I had been divorced. I decided to get online to find someone who had already been married and was looking for marriage. I found Lyndsie on here and 3 months later we are getting married. I recommend LDSSINGLES to all of my single friends.

My life has been made complete since my angel Natalie has entered it. This site has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, aside from her. Our perfect future is just beginning, as we get ready to be sealed together this coming December. Thank you, for giving two people on opposite sides of the world to become one.

I always ended up with mister wrong. So I decided I needed to look in a place that I would be more likely to meet people with the same values as me.... I didn't expect to meet my soul mate on here I was just looking for conversation and friendship.... well I found conversation and I found friendship. In fact I found my eternal best friend. I was the eternal pessimist, especial about internet dating.
I knew something was different when I first started talking with Bryan. right off I felt like I could talk about anything. I had the idea that I wasn't going to put on a front, and I didn't. Amazingly he fell in love with me. the real me! We were married on May 23rd 2009. Bryan, I love you with all my heart and I am happier than I knew was possible. It is an eternal happiness!

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