Success Stories: 2009
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I was very skeptical of online dating, but I took some time and met a few men. One evening I was browsing to see who was online and I came across Dave's profile. His profile made me laugh so I I.M.ed him and we seemed to hit it off. After a few weeks of chatting and talking, we decided to meet and everything else is history from there.

Thanks LDS Singles!


I had met him in April. I sent him a flirt first and he sent one back and then we started to talk. We met for the first time on May 2nd and that is when I knew he was the one for me. He came down every weekend to see me. We got married in July of 2009. I just want to say to all of the women, don't give up. Mr right is out there. I have found my Mr Right, so go find yours. He is a great man and I am glad that I have found him.

Thank you LDSSingles!

AmberD and Luv231

I am great full to my Heavenly Father and this website because i have met my husband here. For a long time i was looking and waited for the right person and now we are married in the temple. We love each other and we are very happy and we have a stronger testimony. We know GOD listen to our prayers, he answered when he was ready. This is why I talk to all the people... Don't stop looking for your eternal love, this is the right website to find your true love and eternal partner. Thank you GOD and thank you LDS singles. From brother and sister Forero

I went to keep a promise and she swept me off my feet. From one side of Australia to the other we met on this site and conversed until we just had to meet. I flew from Perth at the drop of a hat and within hours of landing we were walking along the Sydney Darling harbour arm in arm. The next night we went formal and had the time of our lives! A date neither of us will ever forget. How I never realised that when I clicked on the "Foreva" profile I was going to one day fall for her.


I was looking through profiles and there was this guy who instantly caught my eye. I saw that he was in the military and in Germany. I had recently moved to Missouri from Germany. And I recognized the place I had worked at before in the back ground of one of his pictures. So I emailed him to say hi and to share that we had a lot in common. So we started emailing back and forth about 4 to 5 times a day. In that time we found out that he was being stationed at a base in Missouri that was only 30 mins from where I lived. We also realized that we had met once before, that he ate at the place where I worked at on a regular basis and that we just kept being thrown into each other's paths. Finally were both able to catch each other on IM. We just started talking about everything and anything for about 12 hours straight. Within the first hour, I knew without a doubt that this is the guy I'm going to marry. And I shortly found out that he had the same prompting. We are now dating and are head over heels in love.

Kyle and I both set up our profiles on the very same day. I sent Kyle a flirt, so he joined and sent me a message. Then I joined so I could read his message. We wrote, texted, and talked for hours and hours a day. Three months later we met in person and got engaged within a week! We're getting married in the Columbia River Temple in 3 months! Thank you LDS singles for helping us find each other! -Kimcha

Just when we were both ready to quit this crazy online dating thing we both got back on this website and 1 month later i never expected to find a normal wonderful caring person like my soon to be wife. We are going to make up a crazy dramatic Where we met story though.


It was just amazing all the way around from the first time we spoke to the week we spent together in her home town everything without effort just seemed to fall together and things that we didn't think where possible where made easy, doors and paths were opened for us and it's like we recognize each other, her light shines to me.

So I was browsing through and found this girl that was my dream girl. I write a sincere, short message to her and she actually responded! From there on we wrote books back and forth. We both were addicted to writing the other and it was so much fun! About a week later we exchanged phone numbers and started texting. From that day one we have talked no less than 5 hours a day. It has been absolutely amazing. She is my absolute dream girl and we are completely in love and will be married soon. Thank you LDSSingles!!!!

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