Success Stories: 2009
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I met my LDS match who I found to be the man of my dreams. In June we met and chatted a couple of times, but his schedule as a pilot made him not online a lot. We phoned each other all the time. We met and it was as if heavenly father knew we were made for each other. We plan to be sealed next year.

Thank you.

I met a wonderful guy through LDSSingles and am now happily married to him. I've never been so happy in my life nor have I ever known such a wonderful person. Our profiles did match. Thank you LDSSingles.

jcnicole & caboose 65

My user name was jcnicole and he was caboose65. We started casually chatting. I got involved with someone else and it didn't work out so I
started talking to Patrick again, along with several others! After being hurt pretty bad a couple of times, I was not ready to settle down again. We spoke on the phone for a while and then set up a date. I liked him ok, he was fun to hang out with, but there wasn't an initial spark. We were texting the next morning as I was getting ready for church. I jokingly asked if he
was coming and he took me seriously and drove from Layton to Eagle Mountain and came to church and met my kids. He was great with my kids and easy to be around, no pressure. So, we started hanging out more and more. I still wasn't ready to be his girlfriend, although he was. He was very patient with me. He went on a trip for a couple of weeks and I realized how much I cared about him while he was gone. When he came back we became exclusive and a few months later we got engaged. We're now very happily married. Patrick especially loves being a new dad to my two kids and treats them as if they were his, and hopefully soon they will officially be his. Thanks so much for your website, there are always the kind of crazy ones that you meet, but there are also a lot of good people out there!


I used LDSSingles for about a couple of months before I found Samantha. She and I started chatting on the Instant Messenger, then we exchanged phone numbers and Facebook accounts. Samantha and I talked on the phone the entire night, and had a date set up for the next day. We went on an all day date, and when I went home that night, we talked all night on the phone again. Samantha and I talked on the phone, gmail, facebook, and went on numerous dates since we first met. After only a month or so of dating, Samantha and I knew that we were the ones for each other. Samantha and I have a date set for getting married in two weeks. Samantha is the greatest girl I have ever known in my entire life, and I would have never been able to find her without the help of LDSSingles. Thank you LDSSingles for bringing my fiance and I together.


well although long and complicated we originally meet here over a year ago when one of her friend set her up an account. well we dated a bit then we stopped seeing each other for a while. we both had found other people who turned out to be different people than we thought they were. we more recently got back in touch, and are totally madly in love.

I met the most amazing guy here exactly one month and one day before we got married. I have been the happiest that I ever thought that I could be. I know that this was ordained of God and have received so many answers to so many prayers about this that it can only be from HIM. I have really enjoyed my experience here and have come out on top of the world. Thank you for helping me to be guided to the man of my dreams. I love him wholly and so very completely.


We've gone to the Bishop to discuss the marriage factor! Peter and I met August 18, 2009 thanks to a free week I got here on LDSSingles. He was about to delete his profile when I popped up to chat. Though he dumped me a week later because he was scared to love me, we've returned with a vengeance and we've been inseparable since 2 days after he dumped me. This has been the best experience of my life. Chad and I go together so perfectly and I thank God everyday. He's blessed me with such a loving, caring and righteous man.

I met my love on this site and its great we are still together. We flirted and talked for a bit before we met and then we met in person and things went from there. LDSSingles is a great site and my love and I are now planning on getting married.

Thanks LDSSingles!

We met on line through LDSSingles, and after talking A LOT, we fell in love. Both of us are very active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I searched for two years before finding my angel!

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