Success Stories: 2009
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I swore off looking on-line for people, mainly for the fact that my ex-wife met a guy on-line and left me after almost 10 years together. I can't explain why I got on here, but I felt that I needed to check it out. I'm forever thankful that I did. I had only been on about a day or two when I completed the profile, and started to compare it with others. While I was doing that I got a flirt, to tell ya the truth it shocked me. I've been so far out of the dating loop I was pretty nervous. The second I started to send messages, then IM's Jessica, the feeling of being afraid was gone. We granted permission to see one anthers profile. WOW!! It was amazing how compatible we were, and how our beliefs matched. I know that if I had not decided to get on here to just "check it out", I would have never met the woman that I've fallen head over heals for. I'm so thankful for the no pressure atmosphere that you can feel from this. I know that there is someone out there for everyone, I will be forever thankful that I listened to the promptings to just check this out. I've found the Love of my life. Sorry guys, she's all mine!!!

My husband and I met 3 years ago online. He was stationed in Iraq at the time so we had a online relationship for 9 months. We met in person in December 2007 and got married the following October. We now have twin boys and are crazy about each other. We let everyone know that we met online so that they will know that love is possible to find on the internet. Thank you for your wonderful website that helped us find each other over 4000 miles away:)

Well, I was getting really depressed and feeling bad about myself, so my friend suggested that I sign up with, because it's a completely normal and natural way to meet people--even church leaders would recommend it! Within 2 hours of being a member of the community I met AND proposed to my future wife. One look at her profile and her photo album (more importantly!) and I knew that this was the woman that I wanted to be with for at LEAST the next 20 years, if not more! Thanks!

I had just gotten out of a bad break up with my ex-fiance whom I had been dating for about a year and a half. I had been on LDS Singles before and thought I would give it one last try. I sent lots of flirts to lots of guys. Lots of guys sent flirts and emails back and it was fun. But then about two or three weeks into it, Jeremy sent me a flirt back and soon after his phone number. We talked a little bit then set up a date. I had seen lots of guys, been on dates with guys after the break up but I just couldn't find anyone that I could even think about falling in love with again. Then I went on a date with Jeremy and it was great! At the end of the date I thought, "I could fall in love again if it was with a guy like Jeremy." But ... he lived in Ogden and I lived in Orem. I thought it would never work, but we went on another date and then another and now we got married last Friday on March 27 in the Mt Timp Temple.

LDS singles made it possible for us to come together! All it took was for us to connect and once we did then we knew we were made for eachother. If It wasn't for this site we would have never meet being that we live in different states! Our hearts and intentions were in the right place, that is why it made it so easy! We are eternally greatful for having this "tool" to join our heart and lives together for eternity!

On February 9, 2009 I met the most wonderful man on this site! I had almost given up hope on finding anyone and then I saw his profile. I sent a flirt, he flirted back and then opened up an IM window....we talked for 11 hours that night! (just the beginning of many, many long conversation!!) He is the man of my dreams, I never imagined I could find someone as kind and loving as he is! Yet through this site I was able to find him and develop a relationship. We will be married in June 2009! I am the luckiest girl in the world, truely blessed by a loving, all knowing Heavenly Father! Thank you for your part in bringing us together!!!

I met my fiance on ldssingles. She is my other half. We have so much in common and I cant stop thinking about her day and night. When we first started talking we would stay up for about 8 hours and just talk. Now 3 days after meeting we were engaged, and will be married in about 3 weeks. In the Mesa Arizona Temple. There is not much else I can say than I'm in love.

After over two years - off and on again - as a memer, a Compass match showed me, GabbyJim, the profile of "a-cute-short-one". Although she lived beyond my designated search area, and was on the low end of "A Good Match", something in her greeting seemed to tell me she needed a word of encouragement.

So I sent her a note telling her that it was too bad she lived so far away (nearly 4 hours by car), but that she should keep looking and stay active on LDS Singles. I told her of the several dates I had from the matching program and explained that it could be a time consuming process to find a good match.

She wrote back and said she didn't think the distance was all THAT great and offered to come to meet me. We had dinner at a local buffet and our conversation lasted well into the evening. We hit it off very well and discovered much more in common than was possible to include in the Compass Match Q&A.

As we discussed some of the gray areas of the answer choices we were given we found we were far better matched than the computer program indicated.

She stayed in town for a couple of days and we did some sightseeing. After she returned home we continued to correspond via email nearly every day. Eventually we each spent a week in the other's city so we could get better acquainted. And then another week later, and yet another still later. Slowly we began to realize that a better match would be nearly impossible to find.

Being in our 60's, it was - at first - not so much romance as a sober evaluation that we would likely enjoy each other's company. Then as we spent more and more time together we decided it was time to take the next step. Wedding bells are slated to ring in May - Possibly at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not romantic? In a pig's EYE!

I have often said, "If I would have had access to the Compass Quiz with my first wife we'd probably still be together." No it looks like I may have a second chance at love. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I met a beautiful and awesome LDS woman on your site. We started talking in beginning of February and we are now at the end of March and we are getting very serious and discussing marriage. We have talked numerous long hours both on line and over the phone before finally meeting face to face. I feel she and I were supposed to find each other and it took the internet and your site to make hat happen.

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