Success Stories: 2009
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I live in California in a rural area where I am the only single person that isn't a teenager so I thought that I would give this internet thing a try. I had been looking for someone within 200 miles of here. One day I was more than a little board so I started looking at all the profiles in my age range. I came across the profile of this really cute girl from Ohio. She like me had been married before and has kids. As I read her intro I was thinking that she would be a lot of fun to get to know. I thought to my self "I'll send her a flirt what will that hurt." She answered and for a day or two we messaged back and forth a couple times a day. Then I happened to be online the same time as her and we started talking via instant message. We talked for about two hours and then exchanged phone numbers. We talked on the phone for about a week and I invited her to come out and visit. She accepted on the condition that I pay for the ticket. I gladly did so and just over two weeks later I picked her up at the San Fransisco airport. Our first date was four hours of wonderful temple work. Then we made the two and a half hour trek back to the town where I live. The next day we went to Big Trees national park and wondered through the giant sequoias while it snowed. The following day we went to my 10 year class reunion. On the way to the reunion we where talking and having a very spiritual discussion. During this discussion I asked her if she had yet prayed about whether her and I should get married. She said she had and that she had gotten a yes. The strongest yes she had ever gotten in answer to any prayer. I also had prayed previously and gotten a similarly strong yes to my prayer along with a reassurance that we will have a long and happy life together. We are getting married this August and are very happy to have had this great service that you provide to help us find each other.

when i met eric, i had been dating someone else that i had met on this site. we quickly became great friends. when my other relationship ended up not working out, i confieded in eric about my feelings. as we talked more and more, i realized that i wanted to get to know him on a deeper level. we met face to face in october, and were married on december 1st, in a very small ceremony with only my kids and the 2 witnesses there. we are both deeply in love with each other- it feels like i have known him my whole life. he is an amazing father to my 3 kids, and i have never been happier in my life.

It was love at first flirt! He sent me a "your cute" and the rest is history. We're getting married exactly a year to the day that we started talking on
A big THANK YOU to ldssingles for helping us find each other.

He instant messaged me on Christmas Break and we talked for about two months through chat, email, and text. My sister ended up needing to go to his area for a week to have a tumor removed and needed a place to stay. So my mom, sister, and her husband stayed with Dan for a week and he brought them home and we got to meet. We started seeing each other on planned activities for the weekend. I wanted to run and almost turned away and one weekend just drove out there last minute and it went great from then on! We only live four hours away, and are both in school full time, but we commute on the weekends and are now planning an August wedding :)

I met Atribe here in September of 08, We were engaged by Thanksgiving and married the 2nd of April 09. I guess this really does work. I found the love of my life here. Wish you all the same

Ross and I had both been on this website before and had terrible luck finding a special someone... I had been looking up guy in the salt lake area and his picture caught my eye... It was his amazing blue eyes.... We contacted each other and talked for a week before we actually met... and right from the beggining Ross and I both felt that we had found what we are searching for... We plan on getting married sometime in the next year... So thank you LDSsingles... you made it possible for us to meet... FINALLY!

Yes I met my soul mate on this site. It is funny how the Lord knows each one of us. The timing was just right and Aaron and I met and hit it off right from Hi. We are planning on getting married in August. I am so glad that we both decided to branch out and try Good Luck on you search.

I had all but given up and then I was contacted by a young man who we matched in so many ways it was incredible. As we live so far a part we had to make arrangments to meet. He went on a road trip with part of my family and it truley my other half. I had never felt so at ease with someone. We really do have so many of the same likes and now after several months he asked me to marry him. I do recommend this site and encourage people not to give up, I almost did and I would have missed out on my other half. Yes there are some not so nice people out there just listen to your heart. Good luck to all of you, just remember to be honest. It doesn't do you any good to tell someone about yourself it you can't be totally honest, he new about my qualities and my faults and excepts me for who I am. Good luck to all of you.

I met the man of my dreams and didn't want anything to do with him. He was a single Dad of 5 and I already had 2 kids. I told him I would not date him but we continued to talk. I was fighting a losing battle. It was too much effort to keep my wall up. When I finally took it down, everything fell into place. Soon the kids will be gone and in the end there will just be us... forever. He is my Prince Charming and I am his Princess. My advise to anyone on here: Do not try to control your heart. You will have to learn to trust again, be patient, wait for the best, I did and I will never look back.

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