The matching profile was right on target.

Thank you so much for your site. Without it i never would have met my wife. the matching profile was right on target. Thank you for providing a place where L.D.S. individuals like myself can search for others without having to worrying about coming across inappropriate content.
The story goes like this. I met her on another site actually, but she decided to try and find a site more tailored towards L.D.S. individuals and came across my profile so we started I.M'ing each other, a lot(usually six to seven hours a day). Well we decided to meet the on the Friday after we stared talking. We decided to go for a long drive and just talk about stuff. It was a awesome time, I'm pretty sure she was nervous though because she didn't say much. We talked and decided we would like to see each other on Sunday and hang out again. A little side note: I could tell she was a very special woman the first time we met, absolutely beautiful with a sparkling personality and a very strong spirit about her. Well anyway on Sunday I went up to her apartment and we spent some time together and by the end of the night we decided to make it official that we were a couple, keeping in mind we had only met the Friday before for the first time. It has been an incredible, although quick, journey since then. I gave her her first kiss the next Tuesday and we both knew we loved each other by Thursday. After careful consideration and a lot of fasting and praying I decided that I Wanted to ask for her hand. So I decided to meet with her parents and let them know how I felt about their daughter and asked for their permission and blessing. And I proposed to her three weeks to the day of our first date and both of us have never been happier. We have set the date for Saturday January 24. My words of advice in looking for someone is first of all don't try too hard and don't try to find the right person as much as trying to become the right person, But most importantly listen to the spirit and if it says to do something then do it. Believe me when I say that you will know without a doubt when you find the right person. THANK YOU SO MUCH LDSsingles. Without this site I would probably still be alone and a lot less happier.

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