So a big thank you
bananas_iam & teddybearhearted
bananas_iam & teddybearhearted

I thought I'd share how Teddybearhearted and I fell in love through meeting each other on your site. I had honestly given up with finding someone, and especially through this site. I'd gone out with many guys from here but none of them were what I was looking for. Teddybearhearted and I started to chat on here and really had a lot of fun talking to each other. He got my number and we started talking on the phone... we talked every day, all day and all night for a couple of weeks. Then we decided we weren't interested in anyone else. Then after that a few days later he told me he loved me and I felt the same. We were both exactly what the other was looking for. Teddybearhearted told me how he had also given up and then he found me. Then I met his family out in Idaho and I knew he was the one and loved his family too. He came to Utah to meet my family and loved them immediately and they loved him too. Then we went ring shopping. Two weeks later, he proposed. We're getting married in February and we never would have found each other if it wasn't for this site. So a big thank you from Bananas_iam and Teddybearhearted!!!

***Updated 12/19/09***
We have almost been married for a year (Feb. 14 is our anniversary) and we've loved every minute of it. Thank you again for making this possible!

All the Best,

Anna and Brad

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