Success Stories: 2008
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So I have found my true friend and mate for all eternity.

I'm writing to inform all of you that this site really does give you the chance to meet someone. Recently I met a lady here and was so awe struck by her. We stayed up all night the first time we were able to actually talk. And i'm not kidding. We started talking at 8 pm and didnt end it till 5am the next morning. Not only do we share alot of the same intrests, but we share alot of the same dislikes. This Lady i've been spending my free time with has come to accept me for who I am and has come to embrace my son as if he was her own. That has been my biggest concern is finding someone who will accept a 13 year old as their own and not be afraid to raise him with me. She has come into our lives and brought the world with her. I feel sad when we are apart and on top of the world when we are together. It just wouldnt be happiness with out her. We have decided to let this all take its course and see where it will lead. But we have also decided to Marry at a later time this year. We are so grateful to the LDS singles site. We both never expected to find our matches. Let me say also that we will miss you all that have come into our lives and sent us messages and flirts and best wishes. We will never forget the friends we have met here. You are all in our hearts and our prayers. We hope to see you all again soon and that you will find you true Love as we have. But for now we are happy and excited to start our new lives together. Be careful and Faithful. We love you all dearly.

StealthViper and LJensen

I was pretty hesitant to first sign up for one of these dating websites but after several suggestions from my mother, I gave in and signed up. It's hard to find an eternal companion while serving in the US Military. I've been stationed several places in the States and then went off to Japan for two years. It was difficult to find a daughter of God while I was constantly on the go. When I finally came state-side again, my mother kept insisting on this website. I gave in and signed up. After a little over a month, I found my eternal companion. LDS Singles helped me find someone, while a little over a 10 hour drive away, who wanted to get sealed in God's temple. I recently asked her to marry me and she said yes! We are currently planning our wedding and couldn't be happier!
-Jon from New York.

When we met online I didn't really think that we would be getting together two months ago. Well Down the line we talked every so often and there was a Saturday that she said that she would never get married because she spent her time with a baby sitting job. Then I asked her out. On our first date we met at the temple where we knew that we needed to be together. We continued dating and we had fell more in love until recently I asked her to marry me and she said yes and just made me even more happy. I love her and I am happy that she found me and I found her.

I spent two and a half years off and on using LDS Singles. I had never been all that good at meeting girls in person, but I always kept that faith that if I stuck with it, I would find the one for me on LDS Singles. One day I was sitting in class on my computer, and I got an e-mail saying I had a new flirt on LDS Singles, so I went to check out rockerchick's profile. As I was reading and looking at her pictures, something really seemed to hit me--she's just different from everybody else. We made our contacts, exchanged phone numbers, talked on the phone a few times, and met in person about a week later. To put it simply, we totally hit it off! I had never met anybody with whom I'm more compatible in my entire life. A month and a half later, we seem to talk all the time about marriage and our future together. I have her engagement ring all picked out, and she and I will soon be able to really start our eternal journey together. Thank you so much LDS Singles!

I am so excited and happy to say I met my eternal companion on LDS Singles. He is a wonderful husband and I would have never met him if it had not been for this website. I would like to thank everyone who works to make this website a success. It has truly changed our lives and helped us to create an eternal family.

Dear LDSSingles:

William (Louis1) and I (truebliss) met on your site after experiencing numerous disappointments. We are extremely happy together and could not have met without your help!


My husband contacted me on LDSSingles in January 2008, a couple of months after I'd signed up. I'd been quite disillusioned with the results I'd gotten from this and other LDS singles websites, so I'd about given up hope. I liked his profile and initial message, so we started communicating, then started talking on the phone every night for about 2-3 months. Finally he flew to Arizona on June 21, and it was love at first sight! We were married on June 24, the day before he flew home.
I'm going to his home and will be helping him move his stuff out here so we can live together here in Arizona! As soon as possible, we will be married and sealed in the temple. Thanks, LDSSingles Online!

I met Travis on LDS singles I had just ended a pretty serious relationship with a guy (who I had also met on this site) and had dated a few random people and had reached the point that I didn't want to date casually anymore. I really wanted to date people that had a goal of getting married. So, in scrolling through random people I found Travis that mentioned in his profile that he was interested in seriously dating. He also wrote about his love of running and of being active outside. He also mentioned that he had two college degrees (physics and computer science). He was also an endowed active member of the church. He had included his picture and he had cute curly hair and he is taller than me (6'1"). All of these traits attracted me to him.

So, I wrote some dumb response and suggested that I would like to email him. He wrote back the next day and agreed that he would like to email me. Due to work scheduling conflicts, we set up a date to meet three weeks in the future. Then I didn't hear from him for two weeks, and figured that he had forgotten me. I sent an email and he said he was still planning on it. We ate at a Mexican restuarant and I did not have high hopes for the date. After meeting him I wrote in my journal that he was kinda shy and quiet, but worth another date.

We have had some really fun dates and he even took me to Idaho for a triathlon where he stood in the freezing cold and wind for three hours without complaint. Great guy.

We are getting married in a few months. I would never have met him if it hadn't been for LDS singles. His younger brother just got married and the brother also met his wife on LDS singles.

Last Oct. "whynotaguylikeme" sent me a flirt that said that I was cute and I responded with a brief email. We emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks and then spoke on the phone and arranged a date to go dancing. We have been dating ever since and things keep getting better. We are very much in love with each other as well as with each other's families. We are talking about getting married sometime next year. We were both in such miserable situations before so we have really appreciated the peacfulness of our relationship. It's refreshing to have found someone who gives as much or more than he takes. I'm glad this website was here and that I found someone so well suited to me.

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