Success Stories: 2008
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I'm a single mom with two kids and I had almost given up on finding someone to love me and my instant family. Well, helped me find a truly amazing man that fell in love with me and my kids! We are getting married soon and I'm so excited! I'm so glad I signed up! Thanks!!

I met an unsubscriber of the ldssingles through the IM. It was all little strange because my poor angel was having trouble with her computer. In this case she could not respond, so I kept on writing my Baby. I wrote what I felt in my heart and it wasn't at all about her. I felt like I was writing to someone who cared. So I kept it up. Finally after like five minutes with my friend She wrote me her email account and that is where the magic start. I could not have met such a loving gentle friendly girl anywhere else. I found my love on ldssingles. I'm not being cheesy either. I was just amazed by the power of prayer and technology like this site has been a blessing for me. I have never needed anyone, because I thought every girl out there did not need my spirit. Finding my Girl on ldssingles is a blessing, but it also hurts because she is so far away from me. We have strong faith though that God will guide us through. Thanks Ldssingles for helping us find each other. Love your client

I met WelfareRecipient on, and we have been happily married for 2 years! Thank you!!!

Mike and I meet on here and fell in love on our first date. I still can not believe it. I dated a lot of other people and never thought in a million years this was going to work....but it did. Now I am married to the love of my life. He is the greatest and we owe it all to LDSSingles. Thanks!

We were both on LDS Singles for only about a week when we stumbled upon each others profiles. After a few flirts back and forth and him sending me a message, I decided to pay the monthly fee to message back and forth. We hit it off right away. In no time at all we were IM each other and after only a couple of days we exchanged phone numbers. Everything just felt right. Since we only lived a couple of hours from each other we decided to meet up. It was amazing. We were both madly in love within 2 weeks. Now we have everything in the works for him to transfer his job here and we will be getting married in just a few short months. Thanks to LDS Singles... the best way to find someone to share your life and values with!
-Jennifer and John

Dear LDS Singles:

I just thought I would let you know that my new husband, Ted and I were married on July 5th of this year. We met through LDS Singles, and I couldn't be happier.

I only had my profile up for 1 week, before I sent him a message, and he responded. We've pretty much been together ever since.

We've both been married before, so this is a second chance for us. We met, and dated for 2 1/2 years, but we are so happy about finally being together. We have your site to thank.



Thank you! I was super doubtful, and only made a profile because my mom kept suggesting it. I did it to prove to her that it wouldn't work. That very night I made contact with Danny who is the most fabulous guy I have ever met, let alone had the opportunity to date. The funny thing is that he only put up his profile because his mom kept suggesting it to him.

We met in May on this website, started talking and are now dating! He is the greatest guy I have ever met, Im excited for the future and what it holds with him. Thank you!!

I have met the LDS girl of my dreams. She is simple, uncomplicated, has no unreasonable expectations, loves the Gospel and being active in church and The Temple. She will be the last person I EVER marry. This is going to last through eternity and I am happier than I have ever been. Her and I have both told one another that we have waited such a very long time for the perfect eternal companion. I can't wait to see her all in white in The Temple. She is going to be a vision of beauty and sweetness. I love Yaniramor.

CrucesCyclism / Blondir

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