Success Stories: 2008
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I have made many friends all over the country that I never would have met if it were not for LDS Singles. I met my someone special on here and am very excited to see what the future will bring us.

i thought Michael was cute when i saw his pic and so i decided to send him a message. For some reason when i first saw his pic i thought that i knew him from somewhere even though there was no possible way that i could have. He e mailed me back and we did that like five or six times and then i gave him my phone number. He couldn't call long distance so we texted each other the first day and then he went and got his phone fixed so that we could talk on the phone. So the second day his phone was fixed so he called that night and we talked for a while. The next day we texted all day and that night after he got off work he called and we ended up talking for 14 hrs straight!! The only reason we ended the call was because he had to go to work. From the first time that i talked to him it seemed like we had known each other forever! He felt the same way too! We connected in a way that we never had with anyone else. We talked again that night and then the next day i went to go and meet him. It was the best first meeting that i ever had! Everything just fit and we got along so well! I had to go back home that next day. It was so hard leaving him! I went to his place on friday and left saturday and he came to mine on sunday night. After that we would go and see each other as much as we could. The longest we ever went without seeing each other was one day. After the next week we decided that we couldn't be without each other and so he dedcided to move to where i live. Michael is my best friend and i couldn't have picked a more perfect person for me!! We truly are soulmates and i am the luckiest woman in the world to have a guy like him! I feel so blessed to have met him and i am so greateful to have him in my life. He has a place to stay here now and we are planning on getting married in a few months also! I didn't really think that you could meet someone like Michael on a dating site but this has totally changed my point of view and i tell everone about it and how it has worked for me. Thanks for helping me meet the man of my dreams!!

Becky Arbon

He emailed me but I wasn't a paid member yet - I could see his profile and decided to subscribe to read his email. He's moving to my city and wanted to see if I would like to communicate. We talked on the phone for a month than he just came out to Portland for a week. We hit it off, he's going to be moving to Portland w/in the month. His username is Skibum974 . Thanks! :)

It all started out with a few innocent flirts and some really sweet comments. I really thought he was cute and sweet and his flirts made me smile. Then one day all of the sudden he IMed me and we talked for a bit then he asked for my number. Poor Branden he must have been so nervous but he was so sweet and I just couldn't tell him no. We started from there with a few texts everyday then after a week or so he asked if he could call me. That is all it took I heard his voice and I just thought you are too good to be true how did I get so lucky! We talk now every night. He currently lives in Nevada and I in Georgia but as luck would have it things in my life just opened up the school I need to go to for the training required for the job I want just happens to be close to where he lives and things with my family are changing and a move to Utah (also close to him) has come up. I think it is such a blessing that he found me on LDS Singles and I wonder if we would have ever ran into each other with out it Thank You!

She sent me a message online and then I never heard back from her. However, I ran into her at an Institute party where a friend of mine knew her and mentioned I'd seen her online. She contacted me again through LDS singles, and our friendship grew from there to dating and from dating to planning on marriage.

Well, we are penniless, but we are getting married on October 1, 2008, in the Raleigh North Carolina Temple.

We knew that we were right for each other the moment we spoke over the phone the first time this past January.

By the way--he's coming all the way from New South Wales, Australia, and I am just a redneck country girl with a house full of hound dogs here in coastal Carolina. . .yeah, but we fell in love the moment we met, and this is for real!!!

Thanks to LDS!!

Fruitpup Loves Maoriboy

what is true love? how do you meet? go see or use my profile and or greeting.
"bryanmellinger" i used my name for user... my soon to be forever companion used
"wifeymaterial" we are both still on the site for now..
I had tryed some other online dating sites, my bishop said to try the LDS sites...
so i did... no real 1st...i was looking close to my home, and younger with or without kids... i have none of my own.. only step kids and grandkids...
so finally 1 eveing after a week of no responds... the spirit told me to check my lds site again... finally i listened...3 hrs earlier there was nothing! now this 1 loney message.
"wifeymaterial" NOW i just had to look! there was no picture! she was a little older than me. i read her greeting, I thought WHERE have you been all my life...i didn't look at where from or anything else, went to the message... short and smiple like me... something like this..." hello this is tina, i saw your greeting, call me ASAP. and her house & cell #'s"
i was like OK. it's 11pm i'll email her, call tommorrow...i went to bed..the spirit kept saying call her call her.. i finally got up ; ok lord.... went to computer...then looked again...
i said "this won't work she's in AZ i'm in NC way to far!" tryed to go to bed... again i got up
looked at #'s fine LORD i'll call. the phone rang, i'm thinking this is nuts... she asnwers
i send is this tina, a lovely voice responded; "yes this is tina! is this bryan?" i was still in shock then she said " what took me so long to call " NOW i'm really in shock!! i said what do you mean... she said she had be promoted to get on computer..had been 2months since she last looked.... she had kinda given up; spirit had told her to get on lds site.
she did... saw my profile, and greeting, and spirit said look no more... so she wrote me.
so we have been talking for awhile now, we pray each night toghter before we go to bed.
i'm now planning to fly out and bring her and her stuff here. and go to the DC temple to be married... so the lord has plans for us all we have to be living right, and listening to him,
then he'll help you.

I met my fiance on LDS Singles and we are looking forward to getting married soon and starting a life together! Thanks so much for helping us find one another! We could not be happier.

i am not subscribed to this site but he was and he connected to me through IM and we just chat like once and i gave him my email address and i felt that he is such a special child of God.. a strong one, kind and a wonderful one.. I gave my heart to him and we are working on our goals now since i am living in the other side of the world.. Philippines. He is a blessing to me. thanks to our Heavenly Father..

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