Success Stories: 2008
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I DID meet the most incredible man of my dreams on here. My account had been inactive for some time & then he sent me a flirt & we started chatting... I am glad that even though I had not been actively seeking to meet someone, that's when it happens, when you least expect it!! I am so happy & thrilled to have met him & therefore, I don't require this account anymore..

Thank you & good luck, & I will always be greatful this is where I met him!!

I was already a member to the web site and well not to long after that David signed up, I was the first person who poped up when he opened the page so he sent me a message and we started dating and now were getting married!

In Jan 08 on got on this sight to meet some LDS guys. I met many great guys, but one date in July toped the charts. He had called me before the 4th of July, but on the phone I wasn't sure if the potencial as a couple would go anywhere. Our 1st date was on July 20th, 2008 (we went to The Police concert), and it ended up being a 12 hour date. I travel for work, but each night since we've talked on the phone for hours, and are inseparable when together. We're being wise and still taking things slow while getting to know each other, but the process has been a lot of fun along the way. Steve is easily my best friend. Regardless of the out come, I'm grateful for this sight.

We flirted. Shared our compass report. Are a perfect match in SOOO many ways! After meeting and dating for about a month, we're talking about marrying in the Temple! He is better then anything I could've ever imagined!

I met Onna, my girlfriend, on this website. Actually, we have always attended the same ward but never have spoken. LDS Singles gave us the chance to finally meet and find out that we really got along. Thank you LDS Singles for what you've done for us!

we met online while Panini was studying in france. they exchanged about 10 emails before she returned to the states. unbeknownst to the couple, a year previously Panini's mother had foreseen their compatibility and tried to set them up (her mother met Raygun at an educator's conference where they worked in the same group for several days), but they weren't in a setting-up mood.

after going on their first date in mid-august 07, they began a 2 hour commuting adventure every weekend between their homes, which, due to twitterpation, seemed very close.

Panini moved closer to Raygun in may, 2008 . . . where they continued their zesty courtship, reading books aloud (they've read 9), playing tennis, going on roadtrips, and embracing each other's quirky passions: birding (Panini's) and star wars (Raygun's).

their lives just keep getting sweeter, so Raygun & Panini have decided to seal their friendship and play forever.

I met several very nice Ladies on this web site, but most important I met the Love of my life and I married her. I thought it was so much easier to met and talk to someone online for several reasons. You can be yourself easier and your not locked into a specific area to find that special person.
Thank You LDS Singles for leading me to the Love of my Life.

I just wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for your service. My husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday. He is the most amazing, adorable man I have ever met in my life. I never thought that things could get better than they were when we met but they have. He if fighting cancer right now, and I am more grateful everyday for the window of opportunity that was mine through the Lord & your service to meet my husband Gary.

If it had not been for your site I would have never met him because we were on opposite sides of the country.

Thank you! Thank you!


Jonna Rebecca Jones

We met on this website. He flirted first. I then sent him a message and we began talking on the phone almost immediately. After a few phone calls (it took me almost 2 weeks to return his first phone call) he asked me to lunch. Unfortunately, he lost my phone number after that thus standing me up on our first date. Somehow the Lord helped him out and he was able to find my phone number again. After many apologizes that evening, we went on our first date. We have been inseperable since (we were married June 7, 2008). Thanks, LDS singles!

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