Success Stories: 2008
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I met an awesome girl from Norway. I live in Orem Ut. We totally connected and she came out here for a vacation and now we are dating seriously.

I was using your services for only a week when I met a most wonderful woman and we connected right away.I am so pleased with our friendship and we are already talking of marriage!I'm so joyful. Thank you so much. Sincerely,Michael Moore

I had just barely put my profile on and i was looking at people when i found kelly. We started talking and hit it off immediately with in twenty minutes of being online we had a date set up and enjoyed each others company. We exchanged phone numbers and spent eight hours talking to eachother on the phone. The next day we had our date we went to the classic dinner and a movie with the twist of a haunted house at the end. We held hands and eachother as i jumped out of my skin at Nightmare on 13th. I now have a best friend and i am never going to let him out of my sight.

Expect unexpected
IF you want something great in life don't push it. It will come on its own :) When i went out on our first date with Robert i didn't expect anything crazy. I was going out to just have fun and play golf. I didn't realize that this 6 hour date would be so much fun. This was the best 1st date in my whole life. I was just being myself and having a great evening. We started talking on chat and on the phone a lot for up to 9 hours. More we spent time together more i liked him. We are happy that things worked out and we both feel we need to be together and start our own family. I am happy to start the chapter of my life with someone who I care about and who cares about me. We found many things in common and we are amazed at that. We both feel the Lord's blessings and that He has a lot to do with us meeting each other.
To those who is still looking i want to say be yourself, trust in the Lord and things will work out :) because they have to. God want everyone to be happy :)

So I'm a business owner and I treat everything like a business and how i run it. Up till recently I had no luck with dating, i guess because i was doing it the "old way". So I applied some business techniques and sent out a massive amount of emails piquing my "prospects". Then I found Jenya, we started communicating and only after 4 days we met and went on our first date. From then we talked almost ever day and on the next wednesday after we went on our first date we talked for 9 hours! Yes!! 9 hours!!! We started seeing and talking to each other daily and tomorrow I'm offically proposing and giving her the ring. She is the most wonderful woman i've ever met and she truly is a blessing. I'm Grateful to have her as my eternal companion.

This is an awesome service, all of you need to take advantage of it, when you work it you'll find success - if you don't know how to work it go join a network marketing company and learn the skills and then come back here and apply what you learned - that's what i did! and it worked!!!

Ben's 31 and I'm 25; not someone I would have run into at any church sponsored events. He has a very non-Mormon background and so far is loving the quirks I have that most Mormons throw fits over. No long term commitment (other than friendship) at this point, but the possibility has been implied during multiple conversations.

Dreams coming true is something I only ever heard about, but thanks to LDS Singles my dream is now my reality. I am marrying the man of my dreams and it's thanks to you that we found eachother. It took me a few tries before I found him, but I never gave up. So don't lose hope out there. In time, just like for me, your prince will come.

We talked and then met like so many other times. But this one was the right one and we are thrilled. I really think the COMPASS program is what makes a difference. We are happy to be in love and restarting life together. How many times do people say they want to start all over knowing what they know now? Well, here we are. Starting all over with what we know now and it's awesome!

bananas_iam & teddybearhearted

I thought I'd share how Teddybearhearted and I fell in love through meeting each other on your site. I had honestly given up with finding someone, and especially through this site. I'd gone out with many guys from here but none of them were what I was looking for. Teddybearhearted and I started to chat on here and really had a lot of fun talking to each other. He got my number and we started talking on the phone... we talked every day, all day and all night for a couple of weeks. Then we decided we weren't interested in anyone else. Then after that a few days later he told me he loved me and I felt the same. We were both exactly what the other was looking for. Teddybearhearted told me how he had also given up and then he found me. Then I met his family out in Idaho and I knew he was the one and loved his family too. He came to Utah to meet my family and loved them immediately and they loved him too. Then we went ring shopping. Two weeks later, he proposed. We're getting married in February and we never would have found each other if it wasn't for this site. So a big thank you from Bananas_iam and Teddybearhearted!!!

***Updated 12/19/09***
We have almost been married for a year (Feb. 14 is our anniversary) and we've loved every minute of it. Thank you again for making this possible!

All the Best,

Anna and Brad

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