Success Stories: 2008
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I have met a very amazing man that makes me happy, laugh and be myself. He is helping me get endowed this spring and I couldn't have more peace in my life, than I do now. I am overwhelmed at the success I have have on and when I least expected it. Thank you so much much for helping me discover the man I have so much love for I can't even put into words love and will spend the rest of eternity with.

Dan found me on this site back in March 2008and kept sending me flirts- I thought he sent so many hahaha! We sent a few messages and started getting to know each other. After about 5 months we started talking on the phone most days, a month later he drove nearly 3 hours to see me in person! (he lives that far away) and we have been together ever since and find it so beautiful that it all feels so natural with each other and are wanting to get married:)

Thanks everyone. I met touchetgirl and married her on October 8th. This is a great way to find friendship and we are enjoying the spirit together. Cliff

I came on LDSSingles not looking for a relationship. I came here looking for support from other LDS people that have been in my situation as a widower. I met some very kind and fantastic people on here that have helped me on my journey through this trial. I believe that we are destined to meet certain people in our lives that will help us grow and progress. I have met several that have helped me become ready to date again and look forward to the next chapter of my life. I have met a wonderful woman that has brought me such hope and joy in my life. I never would have met her if it weren't for this site. We are all but engaged and are looking forward to an eternal marriage someday soon. My membership on this site was the best money I have ever spent. I probably wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't joined. Thank you.

I have been a single mom since I was 19 and could not find anyone I wanted to keep around for me and my son. Joe is amazing! I wouldn't have found him if it wasn't for this site. Prayers are answered.

My responses here to my profile were very well alot better then I expected. I met alot of interested women and such but I really was skeptic over this whole online dating thing, However after deciding that this was not for me I was debating to close my account here but then I was IMed by the most beautiful woman I have never met named Macie and we just hit it off. She loves everything I do and we just match so well its amazing. We have had alot of strange moments thus far that could not have been done without the work of the Lord and its simply amazing! I am a Police Officer and she is a Nurse very compatible occupations i might add and we are already planning our future and family together. She is indeed my soulmate and I only hope everyone on shares the same success as we have. Thank you for the wonderful experiance here and I am no longer a skeptic anymore.

We met in the Spring of 2008 online at We still don't remember who looked at each other's profile first, all we know is it worked! We started communicating via email and we finally exchanged phone numbers. Then it really started to blossom into a wonderful friendship.

In late summer we decided to meet. She agreed to to use her flight miles to come see me. When she arrived it was love at first sight! I mean, who could be so blessed as I to behold a woman with three legs! All kidding aside, it was a perfect weekend!? It was as if we had known each other for years! We continued to write and call each other over the next several months. We met again this October, and on her birthday I proposed. We are getting married some time in the Spring of 2009! It was a dream come true! LDSSingles does work.

Thank you from the both of us.

Ron and Jan
alias - MaverickOne and Whispersweetnothings

I met GINA loPES ON THE SINGLES .After three months of meesages and flirts I went to Mesa meet her.She is a imagrantfrom Brazil.We decided to marry and were married Oct 13 at SG Ut. where we will live.

Originally from the western US (all over), I currently live in Slovenia (former Yugoslavia) for work and decided to do the ldssingles thing because the church is very small here -- only three branches in the whole country. I was hoping and/or expecting to find someone here in Europe, or from Arizona because most of my family lives there now. Well, I found the love of my life in Brazil! After a bit of back and forth (talk about long-distance dating), and talking for hours every day (thank goodness for skype), we have recently married while on a trip to Arizona. She is moving here to Slovenia in a week, and her beautiful daughters will be coming in December after they finish the school year. We expect to be sealed in a year or so. All four of us! :)

This was a great place to look for someone that shares my beliefs and values while living in a place with few options. We are the second couple I know personally that met on this site. A couple of years ago my mom found her husband her as well!

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