Success Stories: 2008
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I was on here a month and the third time is truly the charm, the third person I went out with is the one that I will marry, he is amazing and so special, we have spent every moment together that we can from the minute we first saw each other, and boy is he a looker too!!! He is wonderful to my boys and has two very special ones of his own too!!! I said oh I am going to take it slow and take my time, but it has been so natural, we have never felt this way before, we can talk for hours and our first date was at Temple Square to see the Christmas lights, it was so romantic, we are both old fashioned and easy to please, we just totally click, we are so blessed that Heavenly Father brought us together!!! There are no accidents...... He was on for one day and my internet didn't work, so I kindly borrowed my neightbor's wireless on my laptop, shhhh... lol.... Anyways and it worked for a matter of two days and that is when we were able to hook up, so it was a crazy, cool miracle, divine intervention!!!! We are falling madly in love, from our first date we knew we would be married, heck we have already met most of each other's families, we feel like we have known each other from before this life! Half our friends and people we grew up together know each other and we had never met so it's a small world, like for example my son's grandma use to change his diapers, lol...... So it must be meant to be huh!!!! Anyways we will keep you posted on the wedding, take care and dreams really do come true, you can meet them on here, don't give up!!!!!! Good luck and take care!!!

we were both looking for someone in the general area with no luck and then i saw him on the online list so i dropped him a flirt and he responded. We stayed up all night chatting several times and we really hit it off. now we spend every weekend together and will be moving in together in a few months. We are both very happy with our relationship and it can only go up from here. the matching system on this site really helped us see that we were very compatible and that we really are meant for eachother. I have no doubt that we will end up getting married within the next two years. *crosses fingers* :)

I met a wonderful girl! And brought her home to meet the parents ..... she is the coolest girl and a lot of fun I plan on asking her to marry me as soon as my brother gets home from his mission in may... of course she knows this and I'm glad I finaily found my other half! We are looking forward to starting a family and finishing school! Thanks LDS SINGLES and I love u Melissa!!!!! :-)

I plan to get married soon. Thank you for having a wonderful website. It's where I met my future husband. This website is truly a place to find your love one. Thank you. Leslie Wiley/lesterlou

I first joined LDSSingles online about 2 months ago. I met some really nice people from this site, even went on a few dates. Found the man I am intereseted in right now and things are turning out very well. We have a lot in common and there was just something about this man and we just clicked. We want a lot of the same things out of life and we will take it from here and see how things progress. I think I have found my soulmate and I am very confident of what the future will bring. Thank you so much LDSSingles online. Angel Hildreth/Jason Merrill

after years of searching, and right when I was about to give up on this dating thing, I met my beautiful, funny, smart, spiritual girl! we've been dating now for a little over 3 weeks, and I'm going to ask her to marry me! I love her, I'm so glad I joined LDS SINGLES! great site!

He contacted me on October 7th, 2008. We e-mailed for a few weeks... then started talking on the phone October 14th. Both of us knew we were the right one for one another from the very start . Though we did express it when I flew out to Connecticut on November 6th, without a doubt love at first site. I am deeply in love with this man, more than I can ever put into words or on paper. He is helping me to take out my endowments in the spring and eventually to be sealed. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH LDSsingles!!

We met two years ago on LDS. After talking for almost two years of communication, things are turning out great and we are planning for the best thank you.

I want to share my story because I want others to know it can happen to them! I always had the fairytale fantasy like alot of girls, but thought it would never happen to me! I met the most amazing man on earth and almost feel sorry for the girls who missed out! He is wonderful and he loves me as much as I love him! Thank you so much! We will never forget our "how we first met" story. Now we have eternity to make and share memories! Thanks again! Jamie from Kansas

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