Success Stories: 2008
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I signed up, met two days later, he called me every day since, we dated and fell in love! Fairytale romance - it really does happen in real life!

Well first off i have met the most wonderful woman of my dreams, i have fallen head over heals for this woman and she is so amazing. I can't wait to settle down with her! But i met her here and then we talked on the phone and everytime we talked on the phone it was for hours at a time, at least five or more! She's so amazing in every way, she is a preschool teacher which i love and wow just amazing. The night after we first talked i felt this was right and suppose to happen. She is so amazing and i actually called her to leave her a voicemail making her promise to listen to it at work only, and then i told her i loved her and wanted to be with her. So i am no longer single and i love every minute of it. Hope everyopne finds what they are looking for and know that happy endings are possible with online dating. GOOD LUCK and don't be afraid to fall for that special one!

Hey, wanted to tell everyone about the match we made on LDSSingles. My new husband had only signed up less than a month before I did. For me it was a matter of a couple of days of signing up before being able to look at all the profiles (never did go thru even a portion of them).

We had actually met 2 years ago thru a military function. We were both married at the time. I came across a profile that just seemed too good to be true. But I took a chance and sent him a email. Within a few minutes of talking I gave him my phone #. And we talked for a long long time. The next day he came over to my place after work. We have been together every night dating, movies, or watching tv as a family with his daughter and my son ever since.

After getting to know each other and having personal and couple prayer every night, he asked me to marry him. He took us to his ward for church and introduced me to his Bishop. (He had told them in Bishopric meeting that morning that he would be bringing me and my son - he is one of the financial clerks in his ward).

We didn't tell anyone we were getting married except the Bishop since he was going to be the one to marry us. We told him we wanted a private service. We will do something special when we can go thru the temple. So that (between us) all 5 children would be present.

Funny that we had to sign up to meet each other when we were living less than 10 miles from each other. It's been a whirl wind but we are so happy and the kids are happy, we are in the process of merging two homes together and settling into a new routine.


This is

kcjo and CuddlingLadyBug signing out.......

My fiance found me on another site and I didn't belong to it. He looked at several sites and found my picture on this site. He send me flirts until I finally joined so I could talk with him. It has been great.....and will only get better.

I had been working full time and going to school and just could not get out there and meet new people. Lds singles helped me find people who were fun to date and I never found myself just going through the usual motions in life. I met a really awesome girl on this site and we are now dating seriously and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks to lds singles I am no longer single!

Being busy with work, we never had much time outside of church to meet new people. LDS Singles made it possible to where we were both exactly what we wanted out of partner, and by being able to "screen from the selection" we meet each other from the website making things so easy for us to meet each other where we would have never been able to do so. We IM'd and had such a connection she gave me her phone number. After passing the phone call test we meet at a mall and then took her to dinner (no not at the mall). We connected so well that we have been with each other for 2 months straight except 4 days. When the heart wants what the heart wants you know and we are now engaged.

I met my husband on this website. We met each other via email here on LDSSingles. We continued to get to know each other thru email and phone conversations. We then decided to meet face to face. That was all it took for us to know that we had found each other. We are now married and extremely happy! Thanks to this website I found the man of my dreams and happiness I never dreamed possible! Good luck to all those on this website- dreams really can come true! Saint Louis, Mo

I joined LDS singles in February 2007 and my soon to be wife, joined 5 months later. This was the only 'single site' I had joined, and was having a pretty good time meeting and making some nice friends. One hot summer night,, she saw the green signal by my name and IM'd me. I had already gone to bed but my son told me a 'bug' had emailed me. It intrigued me so I got up and we IM'D for 20 minutes or so. We exchanged phone numbers, things clicked, and we ended up talking over 8000 minutes a month for the next 3 monhs. We were married in October 2007. Being a widower, I appreciate LDSSINGLES giving me the opportunity to get out there. It was great having a safe and viable avenue to meet people near and far, with the same standards and beliefs. She was from Arizona I am from Washington. We have been married seven months now and could not be happier.
Thank you again.

I was about to give up on lds singles.... Then decided to check one last time... He decided to give up on singles and decided to check one more time... Guess what.......... we found eachother.. Heavenly Father has blessed us with the perfect match. Together we have the perfect love and a wonderful family, an amazing love, an amazing testimony that Heavenly Father has that someone out there waiting for us if we are obedient to all commandments.. Now we wait as we organise the future...... planning to marry this year sometime in the Houston Texas Temple... I cant wait to be in the arms of my eternal companion.. The one prepared for me and i for him.. I believe in miracles and i believe in the lds singles line.. Thank you for a great oportunity.. Thank you to my Heavenly Father for ALL my blessings...

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