Success Stories: 2008
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LDS singles has put into my life a woman who completes me in every aspect of what I am looking for. I have to be honest and say that I was hesitant to get on and felt that online dating was a little wierd and I didnt expect this to happen so quickly.
Being 34, I didnt have the time to date for long periods of time and to date a lot of people if I didnt have to. The compass report was something that allowed me to look at someone on so many different levels that i would normally never get to in just going out on "normal dates".
I was able to search and find those woman who matched what I was looking for in an eternal companion.
I started talking to someone who I felt fit what I was looking for and after a few flirts and emails we decided to talk on the phone. Her profile name is nana2001.
We found out that we had more in common that we thought and continued dating. It was nice because we both knew that our ideals, morals and values were similar through the compass report so we felt the relationship was already at a higher level than most from the very beginning.
i have dated a lot of people in my lifetime but never have I met someone so incredibly amazing for me. she truly completes me.
We are both closing our accounts because we are going to be engaged shortly.
I can not begin to thank you for this site and for bringing me the most amazing woman I have ever met.
Thank you

Dear LDS Singles,

I had been on the site for about 3 years when I gave up hope that I would meet the right person. My now husband wrote me and after a month I listened to spirit and finally wrote him back. It turns out we were in the same stake and just never met. We were a match from the start and married 7 months later. I am 37 and I just wanted to tell others on the site never to give up hope or settle for less than you want. There is no telling how or when it will happen but you will find a love that is true. Thank you LDS singles!

preciouspearls & tbugher62

I met the love of my life (handsomecurt) on LDS Singles. After talking on the phone & seeing one another over webcam we decided to meet in person. I was living in Louisiana at the time & he was living in my home state of Utah. He flew into Dallas and we shared an amazing weekend together. I showed him all the sites of the south! It really was love at first site. We both had felt it before we met, and it had been confirmed the moment I saw him. I eventually ended up moving back home. We aren't engaged yet .. but I know that we will be soon! I owe everything to this site. I truly believe that the Lord works in his own ways & on his time. We both feel so blessed and are so thankful to have finally found each other. Thank You LDS singles .. you brought together another match made in heaven!

I have been on LDS singles for about a year. I had found a lot of dates from this website. I found Travis by searching for an active man that wanted a serious relationship. We met and I thought that he warranted another date. We just got engaged after three months and are getting married in December. He is exactly what I always wanted to find in a man and I could not be happier. There is no way that our paths would have ever crossed if we hadn't used LDS singles. Thank you so much for the service that you provide. We are truly happy with the outcome of finding each other.

His brother also found success on LDS Singles and just got married a month ago.

SillySuperSam has sent you a flirt." I smiled at his username and went to check out his profile. He was very attractive but lived in California and I
was in Utah. I sent a flirt back not thinking anything would come of it. I was too busy meeting and dating guys that lived close to me. I wasn't paying him too much attention but SillySuperSam was sweetly but super persistant. He continued to send me the occasional flirt and start writing me messages. I was not interested because of the long distant thing but enjoyed his messages so much that I kept talking to him. After a few weeks I asked him if there was a reason that he had not asked for my phone number. He said he figured when I wanted him to have it I would give it to him. What a gentleman! Things continued to progress and he flew out to Utah to visit his brother at BYU for Thanksgiving. After we met I was done fighting the long distance thing and just enjoyed falling in love. We got engaged three months later. Sam and I were married in the Mount Timpanogos temple on May 24, 2008. In talking about our lives and the timing we know we had to meet the way we did and when we did. Thank you so much for providing a such a wonderful service. I tell everyone how we were each looking for our eternal companion and how your web site help him find me. Thanks to I found my Prince Charming, even though he lived in a land far, far away!

I met Mark from West Jordon an this site a week ago, we can't stop talking!!! Our average phone conversation is 6 hours, and we have so much in common that we have already discussed marriage. Thank you so much, and I thank a loving Heavenly Father who loves me and knew that I had just about given up.

We met General Conference Weekend and emailed on and off through Conference and set our first date for the following weekend. We had exchanged phone numbers in our first emails and never called each other till the morning of our date a week later. We spent all week emailing each other back and forth through this web site. It was exciting and suspenseful and an awful lot of fun. Thank you LDS Singles for introducing us to each other! We will be married before the next General Conference weekend and have had a blast getting to know one another and fall in love at the same time. Dreams do come true!

Hello! How can we ever express our gratitude for what you have done for us? It was only about three days and you had albertshooter and Quetiepi matched on compass from our profiles. Is that unbelievable or what? By the third day on a Sunday afternoon after he had walked me through the almost perfect matching on Saturday, He called and asked,"Did you get your answer?: Well, indeed I had received an almost instantanius answer from our Father in Heaven as He did. Love was truly in the air as my perfect match said to me, "Well, I did!" And you're the girl that I am supposed to persue, and I"ll do it to the ends of the earth!" "As far as I am concerned, this is it for me, if you're agreeable. I'm serious. If you don't want me, just find a way to tell me and I won't bother you again." How could I withhold my sharing any longer? I knew what I knew. Heavenly Father had heard our fervant prayers. "Come down here!" he said excitedly. He had fallen and hurt his back and couldn't drive the five hours north to Cache Valley. I prayed a lot and found substitutes for my calling as temple worker in the Logan Temple. I was afraid, because I was alone I thought. Wrong! Heavenly Father never left us alone. When I arrived in Southern Utah near the Saint George Temple, He was taking me to his home. He was on the front porch watching me come over the bridge. There he was, This beautiful, faithful High Priest with his big smile and twinkly blue eyes and white hair. I am 73 and He is 76. He gravitated to the car as I stepped out into the beautiful clear day with my flaming red hair and blue eyes and only 5'4"tall. He covered me with his big strong arms all around, looked up into the sky and said,"Thank you, God!" We couldn't look at each other enough. We both felt as kids on Christmas morning! Miracle of miracles we both got exactly what we prayed for. NO MORE LONELINESS either. We felt Our Father smiling down on us as we had his nephew the mayor marry us the next day. His grand daughters the flower girls the mayors wife and daughter the witnesses, The windchimes he made, our wedding music. Flowers, the ring and everything. , Need we say more? Two faithful ex -Temple workers, and all the rest of our lives before us. I"m married to the most wonderful man in the world! Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for all you've done for us when we needed you. Sincerely, Mae-Marie Klinkowski, / Now, Mae-Marie Orton both resideng happily in Parowan, Utah

We met here on LDS Singles and began communicating until we finally decided to meet. From the first time we saw each other, we knew something special was there, now almost eight months later, we are getting married! Thank you LDS Singles!

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