Success Stories: 2008
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Dave contacted me on LDS Singles within two weeks of my profile being set up. We went out with one another, as well as with other people on LDS Singles, for a few months. Eventually we dated one another exclusively. We got married ten months after meeting one another. We have a wonderful companionship, sweet friendship, and great marriage....I feel so blessed! Thank you, LDS Singles

I was looking to see who was online when I saw he was online. And so I IM him and we just took off talking for hours. The next day we chatted again until we exchanged phone numbers. And we are continuing to chat daily and it looks to lead toward marriage.

After months of searching, I finally found what I have been looking for. We have so much in common, and she not only shares her life's story, but she listens to mine.

I met the man I've been looking for here back in August. We are being married on December 29th of 2008. It has been a blessing to be able to reach out beyond our small little worlds to join with others looking for the same. It's a sad situation when you run into so many others looking to deceive and used this forum for gain but there really are good, decent, and wonderful men out there. I've been blessed to meet and fall in love with one of them.
Thank you for you did what I'd hoped it would do...
Thank you again,

Chris and I ( ducky27) were both on ldssingles and I by chance just happened to look at his profile. He saw that I looked at it and he mailed me and we started talking then we exchanged phone numbers. I was living far away so all we did was text and talk on the phone but when I moved back home from school we decided to meet. We both met and instantly fell in love with each other. We are planning on getting married in july and I am so excited thanks to this website I wouldn't ever have found the man I've been waiting for. Thank You!

We met on LDSSingles. We know someday we will get married. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. I have been looking for him for a very long time.

Dear Sirs:

I want to thank you for the use of your site in assisting me to locate my new bride-to-be. I began my subscription here I think around the end of September. I began corresponding with a woman that I met on this site on October 1st. We corresponded, then IM, then phone conversations.

We were so compatible that we never even did the matching profiles! I actually proposed to her over the phone before I ever met her! How is that for faith! I flew out to see her over the Thanksgiving Holiday. As soon as I met her in person, it confirmed all that we had done prior to that time! I feel it is a match made in Heaven! I did propose to her in person at a site of her choosing! It was very romantic!

The first of October to the end of November! I'd say that is very fast results! We are in our 50's, so anyone can have this chance in life!

Thanks Again!

I have been quite content with my life and I was ready to give up and I asked HF if there was a chance to meet my celestial partner. So then one day I decided to get on the internet, ldssingles to be exact. I wanted to try one last time to see if I could meet an lds hottie. I cruised the site and sent out flirts and simple messages to women who fit my desires or criteria as per lds singles guide lines. after several weeks of no beneficial responses or interests I saw KATKooL. I read her profile and sent her a simple two words. She responded and the rest has been sweet history or should I say future. I am relocating to be with her and her family. I am glad to have given LDSsingles one more try. To everyone out there, Do NOT give up, never never never give up. "It" will happen when you think you will be single the rest of your life. peace out

Nothing to really say, she emailed me and we started to talk and the rest is history.

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