Success Stories: 2007
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For those of you that believe it will never happen it does! I never would have imagined that I would find my soul mate online. We have both been on and off this site. I had decided not to renew my account and take a break, while he decided to start again. 5 days before I inactivated my account he flirted with has been magic ever since. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I am now a believer that anything is possible if you have faith!
Good Luck to all of you and never give up hope!

I met John my first day on line. As single parents it is hard for both of us to date and meet people. It was a great way to find my best friend. I actually was referred by my friend who met her second husband on LDS singles. Thanks again I don't think we would have met without you!

I had been looking for my perfect man all my life. I was sick of meeting loser's and dating the wrong kind of men. So, I decided to try the internet. My first few experiences were scary to say the least, but then I decided to try your sight, being raised LDS, I knew I wanted an LDS man to date, I chatted with a few really nice men, but nothing clicked with any of them. I was about to give up on men all together when I saw Shane's picture. Something about him just caught my eye, maybe it was the look in his eyes, or his mischevious smile. HE was cute!!!! And had personality, could it be???? I sent him a flirt, but got no response...turned out his subscription had expired. I was bummed to say the least. He had almost given up too, but then something prompted him to re-subscribe and try one more time. One day while checking my e-mail I had a FLIRT from GRIFF7713. My heart skipped about three beats, I answered him back, we chatted for a while, about 2 weeks, then I
got brave and called him finally. I had gotten called in to work and didn't want him to think I was ignoring him. Our first conversation was short and sweet. Then I got a call that night from him, I was so excited my heart was doing flip-flops. We talked for hours that night, it was like we were long lost friends. I knew then that HE was THE ONE I had been looking for all my life. We talked as often as possible after that first night, which was ALL THE TIME!!!! We talked for 3 weeks solid on the phone 24-7, then decided to meet. Shane lived in Arizona I lived in Utah, he decided he was ging to come to my house in Logan,UT for a weekend. Shane called me when he left, I was so nervous I couldn't sleep....I talked to him the whole 12 hour drive........He was so nervous and excited to meet me he drove 12 hours straight through.

When Shane knocked on my door at 5 am the next morning, I was nervous to open the door. Once I saw shane I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that my prayers had been answered. I lept into his arms, we hugged and from that moment on we were inseperable the whole weekend. It as the GREATEST WEEKEND of my life we were so close. When it came time for him to leave for Arizona, I cried. I couldn't believe I had fallen in love with him so fast. WE talked on the phone for the next two weeks, and decided we couldn't live without each other. I packed my things and moved to Arizona and in with my brother. We dated for 3 mos after that. We then decided we didn't want to live apart anymore and after only 5 mos of knowing each other, we ran away to Las Vegas, Nevada, and got married on the top of the EIFFEL TOWER, IT WAS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! Shane and I are now sealed for time and all eternity as of 8-5-06. My dreams, hopes and PRAYERS have been answered and all
have come true!!! I found the most WONDERFUL man on the face of the earth!!!

Shane is truely an answer to my prayers. I FINALLY KNOW WHAT TRUE LOVE REALLY IS. Thank You LDS singles for bringing us together.

I met a girl I love and she is perfect

I would like to share that I found the love of my life we were wed August 21, 2007.

I met a wonderful man on this service, we have been dating since January and are getting married in November. There is no way we would have met were it not for this service and so I will be forevr grateful for this service. It allowed me to meet someone 50+ miles away that shares the same view on life and the same values and goals. I felt safe and protected during the whole process thanks to your format.
I wish others the same success and happiness that 'Clintondad' and I are experiencing. Can't wait to be sealed to such a great man. Thanks so much again for providing this service, what a great asset to the LDS community and the huge number of singles out there seeking their mate!

I met the one on this site. It took time but it was worth it!!!!

I met a gentleman on this site, who actually just lived about a half hour from my home. The interesting thing is he works with my father and they knew each other before I introducted him to my family. We were matched very well from the begining and knew within a very short time that things were right and still keep finding things, little things that we both like, such as our favorite fast food restaraunt and similar tastes as far as styles of clothes for myself and him. Even our parenting styles are similar. It's so nice to have somewhere like this to met people without having to be nervous about actually meeting them, you see we talked for quite a few hours on the internet and then on the phone before we met face to face, now normally i'm a shy person, but because we talked to indepth before actually meeting, it was more like sunning into an old friend when we did meet instead of meeting someone totally new.

a Princess has found me and off we go forever in love

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