Success Stories: 2007
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We talked on the phone twice for a few minutes each time, but couldn't seem to find a time when we could have a longer conversation. On a Saturday he sent me a text message asking if I wanted to go to lunch. I agreed and he picked me up from my work that afternoon. I saw him pull into the parking lot and my stomach did this little flip ( but in a good way ). I felt really good about going with him, very peaceful about it, no bad vibes at all. I walked outside to meet him and felt like I'd been hit by a bus, He was so gorgeous and had the most wonderful kind, playful eyes. There was this instant chemistry, just wham, like that. We went to lunch and were gone for nearly three hours. I completly lost track of the time. He was so easy to talk to, and we had everything in common. He finally told me to think of something, anything that we didn't have in common or agree on (because it was just wild how alike we were ). He callled me that day when he got home and he called me the next day ( and we text messaged constantly ). We just couldn't stop thinking about each other. He just feels so right, I was in love by the second date, and I fall more in love every time I hear his voice or see him. I pray about it constantly and all I get are good feelings and more love. I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for this gift.

Well, the person I'm dating right now is a guy I met here at LDS Singles. I had been offered a free 7 day free trial. The second day I was using the free trial I met him. We haven't met in person yet, but he will be coming to visit Christmas '08. We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now. I really had fun using this website! I would definitely suggest it to others!

I meet the man of my life on here...He first did not think that he wanted to talk to me because I was from Utah and he did not want to move back to Utah because that is where his Ex lived. I sent him a flirt and then a message and then after about a week we started to talk. We talked everynight after that. After about 3 weeks of talking he decided to drive from Vegas to come and meet me and after that weekend we both thought that this is the one. We had both been merrried before and it was not a good time but we are having a blast now and would do nothing differant. Thank you LDS singles and good luck to everyone

Larry and I met on here on May 7th or so. We chatted on the phone after chatting online. It was love at first sound. We talked on the phone about 20 hours a day. He came out to meet me in Utah from PA. Our dates were $600 so after four dates of a week or so each, we got married on Aug 2nd and had a honeymoon road trip to move him out to Utah. We love and appreciate each other so much! Our friends and family think it's a miracle and so do we.

Hello there, Just thought that I would let everyone know that we meet each other on LDSsingles last Feb. have been together ever since we first meet and love oneanother a lot.. we had both been merried before and both never thought that we would get merried so fast, but we did and everyone tells us how happy we both I guess I just want to say don't give up there is someone out there for everyone...keep a smile on your face and you will find someone... Heather and Danny Kitchen :)

Both of our accounts were in-active on this site- however Mike sent me a flirt, I check out his site and sent him one. After a few flirts he activated his account and sent me 5 emails until I was curious enough to see what he had to say. From the first email I sent him back we have moved forward. We will be getting married and sealed in the temple on Dec 7th. Thank you lds singles for bring us together.

Thank you guys for the great service. I found my true love that fast. She lives on the other side of the planet but, we are to meet soon. Thanks again. Daniel or Trueloveiseternal

I met charles on LDS singels and we went out and he made me feel so comfortable I am so glad that I took a chance and listened to the spirit to stay active on the web site because believe me I was so done with dating but like I said charles is amazing and there is no one like him in the world I love that man.


I met the most wonderful person on LDSSingles and we have been dating for almost three years now.

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