Success Stories: 2007
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I meet my fiancee on August, the third time we date, he brought me an egagement ring and proposed me, I knew that he was the right person for me, we love eachother vey much. We will get married in November at LA Temple, thanks LDS singles I could not find anybody by myself, as I do not go out much, but this site did it for me and I am so grateful.

I meet a wonderful man and I am getting married on November 2007 in Los Angeles Temple. Thanks so very much to LDS Singles.

I'm way too imotional to really tell any kind of story, but i had all but given up on hope when i felt inspired to renew my account, and i saw a profile that i just felt was the person i was too meet. He was inspired to write me back, and here we are now getting married, I don't know what i would have done had i not returned to this site, I feel so blessed and I know we knew each other in the pre-existance. Thankyou for all the thoughts...

After a very long period of being divorced I believe I have found the love of my life. Thank you so much for your services, if it wasn't for this service I may have never found her. May the Lord bless all those that are searching for that special someone...


We were actually in the same singles stake and had seen each other at a stake bowling activity. When I saw her profile on LDSSingles, I sent her a message saying that I recognized her from the stake activity. She responded saying that she recognized me as well. After a few months we went out and now we are dating. We are really happy and have high hopes for the future.

Thank you!!! in 2005 I met a sweet girl on this site, her screen name was Stroudmoney, name Natalie Stroud. We talked for about 3 weeks and decided to meet. I was living in FL at the time and she lived in Boise Idaho. We were married roughly six months after meeting, and last year we were sealed in the Toronto Temple. I had stumbled across the site as I was looking for a worship house that I could go on Sundays. I found it interesting to see such a site and decided to join. Natalie didn't sigh herself up either, her mom and sister in law sighed her up, because they thought it was time for her to find a man. She was totally the opposite that I had listed on my profile. When we first met, I knew within half and hour of meeting that this was it for me, I knew that I had met the person that would complete my life. We have a little girl and hopefully soon we'll start working for a little boy, or whomever the Lord wishes for us to have. I used to believe that things like this happend to everyone else. The Lord sure works in mistirious ways.

I saw her, I found her, I moved across country, and married her Amen.

Yes just I can find a wonderfull girl, and now she is my girlfriend and I´m
happy wiht her.
Thank you very much for the faboluos opportunity that you give me to use
this service of , I´m gratefull.

Have a great day !

I met the woman of my dreams and she is the most wonderful person I have ever met and I love her with all of my heart and soul!!!! She is the most beautiful and sincere person that I have ever met!!!! Thank you for allowing me to meet her through your service!!!

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