Success Stories: 2007
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I would like to thank you.
I became a member of the church last November and have had so many blessings. Since joining this website i have met my eternal partner and couldn't be more happy. My family and friends like him and most important my children adore him.
The success to all this is we got engaged this weekend to be married and feel we have known each other for ever. Every day life gets more perfect and i didn't realise life could be so wonderful.

Thankyou Tina

The First day I signed up, I got a message from this guy. He seemed really sweet and we shared the same interests and we made each other laugh like crazy. We started calling each other, and eventually met at the Gateway. We have spent almost every day together ever since, and the days we don't spend together we go crazy thinking about each other. I am completely and utterly head over heals in love with him and the same goes for his end! He even brought up the idea of marriage! My experience was amazing and I would recommend this site to anyone looking for their true love!

I have met the most amazing guy in my life and I plan on marrying him for time in all eternity sometime in the future. I wouldn't have met him without this site and now that I have, I'm leaving it. :)

I have met an incredible lady on this site and we are getting married on December 8. Our lives have some remarkable similarities and as I have come to know her and to fall in love with her, I feel very blessed. I am confident that the love we share now is only a shadow of what we will have as we join our lives together. We have both lost our spouses previously and take great comfort in knowing that without this site we would both still be looking for that special someone. Thanks for assisting us in making our dreams come true...

Where do I start? First and foremost I would like my heavenly father to know how thankful I am for this individual in my life (tj1266). I want him and others to know if you listen to the still small voice and are living the commandments and striving everyday to live righteously and overcome your temptations, heavenly father if you are intuned will supply the needs for you.
I know now that as I was argueing with myself that day in October 07 to become a member again and pay$, to be able to write others, the still small voice came over me and told me that I better get on the ball, it was a strong push, because honestly so much is going on in my life that I thought it would be a waste, especially since I did not have any luck earlier in the year on this site..So I listened and joined again.. A day later this wonderful sweet spirited man sent a flirt, I knew in my heart after seeing his photo & speaking to him, we both had quite a bit in common, some things were somewhat shocking for me, and then having our first date that instilled it even more, that heavenly father was shaping my future right before my eyes, and there was no stopping what Heavenly father had in store for both of us..It's still early, but there is such a special feeling we both get when we are together, one that cannot be compared or broke by any other entanglement. I can not only see us walking/strolling down an old dirt road in some small town @ 70yrs old or 80,and always have something to say or just simply enjoying eachother, but I can see us together for eternity with our heavenly father and our families at our sides.

Just writing these things I come to tears, because he means so much to me. I feel so blessed.

Thank you Heavenly father for sending me such a sweet spirit in which I know now as our relationship progresses, I can truely say it was with the still small voice which gave me happiness, joy, laughter, peace, love again in my life.

My name is Dave and I got on the site to see how serious I was about meeting someone. That might seem kind of strange but it describes my situation well. I thought I was going to be content just being with my kids until they graduated school and maybe then I would look for someone to spend the rest of my life with. What I did not know is that there was someone out there thinking the same thing and totally open anything Heavenly Father would have in store for both of us. Now I know that thanks to Heavenly Father, who treats me better than I deserve, that my time table and His time table were set on two different scales. I am very happy to tell you that I met the woman of my dreams on LDS My user name was st49man21 and hers was kristi123. We are going to be married!!!! At the latest this will happen by June but we are working on a couple different scenarios for earlier than that. Our eventual goal is to be married in the temple but since I am a new convert we will wait till I can be worthy. Our children have hit it off very well, she has three and I have three, and Heavenly Father has blessed us already with a new house that will be big enough for everybody.

I thank Heavenly Father for my future bride and for LDS Thank you all very much.

Eternally Gratefull,


We are so thankful to, it allowed me to meet the love of my life. We started out emailing each other, and then talking on the phone, it allowed us to get to know each other before meeting. We knew we liked each other, and now joke about how much we both wanted to call each other more. We then met, and have been pretty much inseperable ever since. I recently proposed to her, and she accepted. We look to marry soon. Its been an incredible, unearthly experience, we look forward to an eternity together with our beautiful blended family.

Thanks so much,
Corey and Holly

After about a month and a half on LDS Singles on line, I met the most amazing woman. It started with a simple flirt, grew to conversing through emails on the site, and eventually a first date. We both found in each other a person who was looking for the same things, honesty, spirituality, a love of the gospel and our Heavenly Father. I was about to let my membership lapse when we got in touch with each other. Thank you LDS Singles on line for making two of Heavenly Father's Children very happy!!

I came onto this site to browse. I wasn't really that interested in settling down anytime soon. Kevin and I hit it off right away. I flew to NorCal to meet him before I got emotionally involved and that sealed the deal. We've been dating for the past few weeks and have already started talking about our long term goal of getting married in the temple. Although we haven't known each other for that long we feel as though we've known each other forever. We're enjoying every moment we have together.

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