Success Stories: 2007
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A few weeks ago I was about to unsubscribe as I wasn't having much luck. I was meeting nice guys but it seemed that this site only worked well if you lived in the USA.
I thought I would have one more browse through then a profile caught my attention. I sent a flirt just to see if he was interested and he replied straight away.
We have been talking ever since and he is now flying out here to meet my family.
Hopefully this will be an amazing success story and we will be sealled in the Jordan River Temple next year.

Two days after joining the site, my fiance John and I met while chatting through instant messenging. After only one visit online, we instantly felt a connection with each other and soon starting spending hours talking on the phone. A couple of weeks after our initial meeting, we had our first date at a rock concert. The chemistry was there as soon as our eyes met. We have been dating now for almost two months and are very much in love and hope to be sealed in the temple one day.

I like to thank lds singles. com for helping me find Laurel i did not think that i would ever find her on this site was i surprise, it really does work . We our getting married in December 2007.

We met online in October of 2005, she was from Seattle, I am from SLC area. We flew back and forth for 10 months or so, she moved here and we dated for another 10 months, and then we got married!!!

I met JosephMarsten on LDSsingles in January 2006. On Christmas of that same year, he proposed to me. We are planning our marriage in the Washington, DC temple for June 7, 2008. I am so happy that this site was available. I am blessed to have found such a wonderfully spiritual man who believes in me as much as I believe in him. Thank you LDSsingles for helping me to find my eternal companion.

I am finally marrying Joseph Sturdy Saturday November 17th. We had an issue and broke-up for a time, but we worked it out. It is not easy to find someone our age, (I am 75 and he is 79); but we are so glad that we continued to discuss the problem and resolved it. Thanks for bringing us together.
We probably would have spent the rest of our lifes without a beloved after being widowed, etc. It is going to be a happy marriage because we will make it so - with the Heavenly Father's help. Most sincerely, usarosecutie

well, it took me a long time, but i finally found him. he was probably hiding from me. and there is no-where else i know of to meet lds singles. and i thought i was the only one.

We met on LDSSingles and we talked alot for a week then we finally went out and we have so much in common it's been a couple months and we are now engaged to get Married:)

Call me and I will tell you the tale of a story so remarkable and true that even the most hopeless romantic soul on earth would have a hard time believing its authenticity. I can say Scott and I met here online, and now we are the truest and most pure proof that God too uses the internet.

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