Success Stories: 2007
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My fiance is amazing, the man of my dreams. Its funny because the only reason I had a profile on here was because my friends were trying to prank me! I guess that backfired on them. I am so happy with him, he is so caring and wonderful. He is such a blessing to my life. We are soon to be married in the Nauvoo temple! I thank my Heavenly Father for prompting me to take a look at this site. Its really not a bad idea. Believe me, I am not the type of girl to find dates online, but it was just meant to be. Good luck to you all!

I met the love of my life thanks to LDSSingles! After we met and talked online for awhile we were lucky enough to be able to meet in person. Shortly after we met I found out that he was moving to Texas around the Thanksgiving Holiday and I live close to where he would be staying. I was going to move to Virginia and for some reason I had decided not to. He spent the Holiday weekend with me and it was Amazing. We had such a connection thru the internet and our phone conversations .. but in person it was such a great and amazing connection! We are now dating and are really excited that we'll be a few hours from each other instead of thousands of miles! We'll be able to really get to know one another and be able to date! I'm almost 100% sure that things happen for a reason .. and with everything that just "clicked" in our situation ... I believe that this is the man I am going to marry ... and I'm so excited to get to know him better! We've both been married before and we're both Utah kids .. born and raised .. we're excited for this awesome opportunity that we've been given to get out and start over in a new place and together! Thanks LDSSingles ... I owe ya'll big time!

I did meet my special somebody (tobykchurch) here on LDSSingles! She is a amazing girl from Louisiana. We started IM and we just clicked! We talked for hours the first time. Right aftrer I started talking to the special somebody I soon found out that I was moving to Texas for work not to far from my special somebody. We then met for the holiday Thanksgiving! and had the greatest time together! we are going to continue dating and see where it goes from there. We are sure it is. Thanks LDSSINGLES.


I just wanted to thank you for your services! I have been on line with other services for several years and never had much success. I have met wonderful people, but no one that really felt right. I lived in a pretty isolated area, and finding someone to date that had the same standards as I did was a challenge!

After several months with LDS Singles, Joe and I met! He wrote to me first, and things just fell into place after that. We will be getting married in January, and I didn't want to move forward without thanking you all for your wonderful services. I found a magical man that loves me and has a balanced life style. Having a partner that was addiction free was important to me. I hit the jackpot!


Belinda Hymas

I met kiwihoney-Adrianne on LDSSO a little over a year ago, she is the love of my life, I could of never asked for anyone as perfect as her. We fell in love and now engaged to get married..

I was divorced with two kids and about to turn 30....what are the chances of me meeting the man of my dreams? Turns out with a little help from LDSSO my chances were very good! I met "JackinScottsdale" and we became fast friends....after a few months of chatting on line we met in St. George Utah (I was from Utah and he was from Arizona) We were head over heels for each other as soon as we met- no doubts in our mind that GOD paired us up!
We will be getting married sometime next month and I just want to thank God and LSDSSO for making it possible for me to meet such an extraordinary person that fits me so perfectly- who would have guessed I could met him on line?

~"NachoMama" aka Heather

Met here on the website. Started instant messaging back and forth, then started talking on the phone. About 2months after talking i went out to meet her, and my expectations were wonderful, and i fell that much more in love with her. Asked her to marry me a little less than a week of being there, and am now moving out to be closer to her. Thank you lds singles

I got on here just looking to date, after a month's time, I met Nick, him and I started dating eachother after a few days not knowing that we would like eachother as much as we did then it turned into love after three days, we are looking to be married someday, I have never felt like this about anyone before i have heard stories about people in kind of the same situation as Nick and I are in. I neve thought that it was possible to love someone and care about someone as much as I do for Nick, but Nick came along, and showed me that it was possible.

So I thought I would try Lds singles and Within a week I met the man of my dreams, it sounds crazy but I knew after talking for 7 hrs that first night that we were meant to be.. I wish everyone Good luck, and don't give up.... xoxox

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