Success Stories: 2007
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I just got online to delete my profile. I've been a member of this site off
and on for quite a while. I've met some wonderful people and made many
friends from here, but it's time to leave. Your site led me to my husband,
wavewatcher627. We 'met' initially last May on the forums and became friends
there. When he left the site for a while we continued to talk sporadically
and in January things changed immensely. After our initial three hour phone
conversation I wondered why we hadn't done this sooner. We got engaged in
March after he proposed at sunset on the beach at Depoe Bay, OR and were
married on May 19 here in Oregon. We were very honored that several of our
forum friends took the time to come to the open house in Salt Lake and to
come to Oregon for the wedding. Corey is indeed a very giving and caring man
and I'm so happy to be his wife.

Lori was about to sign off and close her account when I saw her picture and the talking and emails went from there. We met in March and had a July wedding.

I met several great women on this site, and one of them was someone I hope to spend the rest of my life with. This really is a great way to meet people and feel comfortable about the whole process.

I had all but given up all hope on finding someone expecially on an internet site, but I kept coming back to and as it turns out, i recieved a flirt from someone and didn't really think anything of it, but something kept me thinking of it, so i sent a reply message and as time went on we became really good friends and it felt as if we had known each other in the pre-existance, we are now the best of friends and we can tell each other everything. People always say that it will happen when you least expect it, and I can say that it is true, i was about to cancel my membership on this site and just give up, but thanks to the Lord and to the Church and to this website, I am getting married, and i honestly feel like the luckiest person alive....

Best of luck to ya'll

We both signed up on the same day in July of 2007 and within a short time found each other. We stayed on long enough to get better acquainted and new that we needed to pursue our relationship further. As our time together increased we both felt the spirit witness to us that this match was right. We were so blessed to have found one another . We know that if it were not for we might have never met. Thank you LDS singles for giving us the opportunity to share the singles scene without all the dating pressure and finally finding each other . Your site is truly a blessing to us and to so many others that we know personally who have met and married someone they found on your site. We look forward to a long and happy eternal life together with the gospel as our foundation.

Were still making our story, but we give all the credit to LDSsingles. All it took was one random occurence and we were sold on love!!

I joined LDS Singles to meet new people, I didn't want a serious relationship at the time and was totally blindsided by love when I met Anthony. We started e-mailing each other and wanted to meet but could never match up our schedules. When I decided to stop subscribing I e-mailed him and told him it would be my last day I could send e-mails but gave him another e-mail address he could reach me at. About a week later we set aside a time we could go to lunch and a movie and we have spent everyday together after that. We contacted each other on LDS Singles about 5 months ago and finally met about 4 months ago and are getting married in two weeks, after which he is getting deployed to Iraq.

***Updated 12/31/09***
We have been married two and a half year now and have a beautiful 4 month baby girl that looks just like her daddy. We couldn't be happier and we have you to thank.
Stacia and Ampy

I met a wonderful woman that "Wanted to get to know me". She is a great friend and will soon be a great spouse. I would of never met her without this website. The Lord has a plan for us all, we just got to hang in there long enough to see what it is!

I ran into a woman I dated 10 years ago through this website. We had both gone through a marriage and divorce seperately and learned alot of important lessons about relationships that ultimately led us back to each other. We were able to pick up as if we saw each other yesterday, not ten years ago. We truly feel that where we are in life now and who we have become has prepared us to meet again and finally have the relationship that our Heavenly Father wants us to have.

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