Success Stories: 2007
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I am a very happy camper and hope everyone can find what I have found

Thank you for helping me find an amazingly wonderful man.

We are very happy with our meeting. There is surely something to be said for coincidences. All of them have come to life thanks to LDSSO. Thank you so much!

Nathan and I met on LDSsingles, neither of us really ever expected to meet someone online and have something come out of it. We met and e-mailed a couple of times and then talked few times on web cam. Both of us knew that this time it was different. So we decided to meet. A few interesting things happend on our way to see each other, but needless to say we finally did get to see each other and it was great! We connected just as much together as we thought we would have, well maybe things went a little better than I thought they would. (haha) Cause eventually curiosity turned into like and like turned into, well maybe...turned into LOVE. Can't get any better than that! I also have a 3 year old daughter , who just adores Nathan and he adores her. I as a divorced single parent was really cautious when it came to dating, and am proof for all the other divorced, single, LDS parents out there, that there really is light at the end of the tunnel, and that if you put your faith and trust in God that miracles do happen. I found the calm in my chaos. He truly is my other half. We can't wait to spend eternity as a family. ~Theresa

I was skeptical about the online dating thing. "Can you really find somebody on the internet" and I thought " We'll I can at least meet new people and make new friends". After only 2 months online I began talking to a girl who just clicked with me. She was THE ONE. After 4 months of chatting online we actually meet in person. She was even better than I had hoped. In June I will become the luckiest guy. I will be taking my best friend to the temple and will become her husband. Thank you LDS

Unfortunately for LDSSO, you've lost another 2 customers! Thank you so much!

Not to long ago I was online looking for a special someone. Strangely enough within a short period, I found someone in my old backyard who has made a very strong impact on my life. So, it is with a huge thanks that I am requesting a cancelation of my account.

All the best to everyone else out there still looking. I hope they are as successful as I have become.

Hi. RunnerKing lives in Fresno and I'm in St. George. Turns out we know a lot of the same people since I lived in Fresno for 10 years long ago. I'm 68andReady2Date. Wedding on October 20th in Fresno. He's widowed and I've been alone for 21 years. Major adjustment city!

It's all true! The Holy Spirit uses to guide and direct those who are righteously seeking their eternal companion. I am happy to report that I know without question I have found "The One" Heavenly Father intended for me. Thank You!

We were meant to be together....pure and simple....this service made it possible because we lived in two different states......

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