Success Stories: 2006
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In Oct. 2204 I met a wonderful man on LDS singles. We wrote for over a month before we met at the Capitol Theater in downtown SLC to go to a Broadway play. When I first met this man I was totally turned off although we did enjoy the play and had a good visit. But even though I was not attracted to him but kept writing to him because he was very nice. We went out the first time in Nov. 2004 and saw each other about 6 times over the next few months. The first 3 dates we met at a designated destination. In fact our second date was a double date with my son and his girlfriend. We went to a Christmas Concert. He was not really that culturally minded but found out that he enjoyed very much a different kind of entertainment than he was used to. Still we talked and wrote and saw each other once in a while. I really was not attracted to him but really enjoyed his company. I didn?t even let him hold my hand for 3 months. He was such a gentlemen and so kind and patient that I began to be intrigued by him and found myself wanting to spend more time with him and get to know him better. Well on Valentine?s day 2005 we delivered some Valentines to my grandchildren, and then when we returned home I told him that I had a Valentine for him, and gave him a bag of Hershey Kisses, and said that I had some kisses for him. He said, ?what about the other kind? and gave me a small very sweet kiss?. Well the kiss itself was small but the fireworks were huge. Not something that I expected at all. I found that I became very attracted to him as I got to know him day by day. I found that there was so much to this man. I visited with his friends and children once in a while and found out that this man had been married to his wife for 22 years and the last 6 years she was very sick with cancer. They all told me about how very gentle, generous and loving he was to his wife every day of her illness. He became my ?Gentle Giant? . He was so kind and caring and listened to me so much as I healed from past wounds in relationships and losses. We truly fell in love as friends and became very solid in our relationship even before we fell in love romantically. We knew that we would love to get married but we took time to know each other and each others families for quite a while before we decided to ?tie the knot:. He asked me to marry him on Dec. 9, 2005 and we were married on Jan. 20, 2006. We were married for time in the Bountiful Temple as we were both previously sealed to our spouses and both had lost them to death. We just returned from a wonderful honeymoon on a cruise in the Mexican Riviera. We love each others families and have a deep commitment to each other and feel very blessed that our paths crossed. We would never have met had it not been for us connecting on LDS Singles. Thanks. My advice to others is to really get to know that people that you meet. Had I let my first second and even tenth impression dictate my actions I would have never gotten to know this wonderful man and would have missed out on a great deal of happiness.

Hello People. I wanted to let people know that internet dating really does work. I was recently married and had originally met my recent Wife on ldssingles quite some time ago. Give it a shot. The odds are slim, but people do get lucky. I guess I?m one of the fortunate ones...

I met Troy Frazier (happygreen) online. We started talking on October 31, 2005. Our first date was November 18, 2005. We had an instant connection and within 10 days were engaged to be married. We got married, Friday January 13, 2006. We both brought children into the marriage and they are all very happy to be a family.

Jennifer Merkley (jenm1) and Ryan Barlow (Barlow_1999) will be getting married in the Mt Timpanogas Temple on February 24, 2006. We met on LDSSO and are walking proof that it really works! Thanks for having this site and helping out the older singles who feel all hope is lost to meet the right person. We both had pretty much given up and found each other by the e-mail saying here is a match for you. Ironically enough, it was the perfect match.


Login in names nthdegree and belizeanna meet one year ago and fell in love at first site. We dated for a year and never lost interest and our relationship only continued to grow. Diamond was given on Christmas day and wedding will be soon.

We would appreciate it if you would remove both of our names from your site. We are both very much in love and taken.


my name online was lawjr3 and her name was southerngalb (or Alan and Brandy if you must know). I lived in mesquite and she lived in Cedar City. We dated for several months before we got married and it has been nothing but success since the beginning. Thanks to your website, I found the love of my life. thanks

When I first joined, I was hoping beyond hope that my husband-to-be was going to be here. Little did I know that I was going to meet him. When Michael and I first started chatting we were sending each other personal e-mails. We chatted for about a week or two and that was it. I stopped talking to him because I found someone else. After about a month, Michael sends me a joke e-mail by accident and I didn't recognize his name so I sent a friendly e-mail back thanking him for the great joke and asking him to remind me who he was. We started e-mailing each other back and forth about 11 times in a row, then went to IM; finally I said "let me call you, it's easier", well that conversation lasted all day and night (literally). That was a Friday morning and by the time Monday morning came around we had probably spent over 50 hours on the phone. And yes after that conversation we just knew that we were meant for one another. We could finish each other?s thoughts and sentences. We met in July dated a few months and then finally got married on Monday November 28th 2005. Through all this Michael and I had daily prayer (morning and night), had daily scripture, read the Book of Mormon in 2 months (our goal before we got married) and had gone through many challenging experiences together. Through the past 5 months we have grown together so much. We are best friends, companions, lovers and last but not least, parents together. Together we have 7 beautiful children. We are perfect compliments to one another and identical in most all other ways. We share many of the same life experiences that have brought us closer together. We make each other better people, as it should be.
We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for bringing us together and for for being our medium. We wish each and every one of you the very best of luck. We know that there is someone out there for each of us. God willingly, you will find them. We pray that you all will be as happy as we are.

Take care and God Bless

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