Success Stories: 2006
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A big thank you to LDS Singles. We met back in September 2005 and haven't been apart since. We got engaged on December 2, 2005 and are getting married in Salt Lake Temple next week, so this really does work, it is great. We would have never found each other if it wasn't for this awesome site. Thanks again we found the love of our lives and we are sooo in love thanks LDS Singles one more time.

I got married last saturday to my knight and shinning armour! So, please take me off LDSSINGLES thank you very much!


My wife and I met through your service about 15 months ago. We are celebrating our 1st anniversary this month! Thank you for helping us connect with each other, so that we could begin growing and building together.


I would like to announce that as of the 23rd of Feb. I found my
soulmate and we are thankful for the LDS singles for making it possible for our blessing. We pray others will keep a great positive attitude and never give up , and I am very glad I did not. As we are happily married and this is an answer to our prayers !!
Thank you !

I have a success story I would like to share.

I am so happy to announce we no longer need your sevice! Bart & I found each other on LDS Singles, after over 18 years. I sent him off on his mission but, I was engaged to someone else when he got home. We both married someone else and had our children Bart had 5 children and I had 4 children. So, together we have 9 children. We are now raising our 9 children in the town we grew up in. I am so grateful to this online dating service for helping me find my sweetheart again. I would of not found him again without it.
Thank you so much!!

Barry and I would have never met without the help of LdsSingles. We lived almost four hundred miles apart. After dozens of e-mails and then at least a dozen phone conversations, I invited him to a singles dance in my area. Once we met in person we knew those unspoken feelings were real. We were married on February 18, 2006 by the bishop in a small ceremony at the chapel. On our Compass report we both said we thought dating should last 7-12 months and engagement another 4-6 months. But after 4 1/2 months we decided we were both old enough ( he is 63 & I am 55) to rush into marriage with our eyes wide open and our hearts filled with love for each other. During this next year we will complete the necessary steps for sealing cancellations and plan to celebrate our first anniversary sealed together for eternity. We thank Heavenly Father every day that we found each other and LdsSingles was the tool that facilitated that meeting.

I had been on LDSSO for a while, met a few nice people, but nothing ever came of if. I decided to give up on the online thing. But one night I felt very impressed to sign up again. I did so, and within a few minutes I met my husband. It was his very first time on the site. His brother had met his wife on the site, so he decided to give it a try. We IM?ed for several hours that night and then on and off throughout the next day. In our conversation we discovered that we only lived ½ blocks away from each other, but had never met. We spoke on the phone that evening and that conversation lasted until the next morning. He had initially told me that it would take 6 months of chatting online before he felt comfortable meeting me in person. But after that all night conversation he decided he could not wait any longer and we met that morning. We spent every possible waking moment together. We ended up getting married 3 months later (we went to Vegas since the process of getting my previous sealing annulled was going to take so long J). That was almost two years ago. We were sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple a year later and are now expecting our first child together in April. I can say that I have the most incredible husband in the world. I honestly did not think that there were guys out there like him. He has brought me so much happiness and has become an incredible father to my three young children. We are incredibly happy and could not imagine life without each other. I think of LDSSO often and am very grateful for the service that you provide. It is a great way for people to meet that would not have the opportunity to meet otherwise.

My fiancee and I met through your site. We both recognize it would have been unlikely to meet otherwise - we live thousands of miles away. The other night I commented how "lucky" we were. He responded it was more "miraculous." The miracle that will be our marriage was initiated because of the link LDS Singles provided.

Thank you - it's a story our kids may beg to hear again : ).

I wanted to thank you for this website. I met the most wonderful woman. She is the "Love Of My Life" and I'm so glad I found her. Honey, I want you to know that I love you forever. Thanks ldssingles.

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