Success Stories: 2006
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We would like to thank for helping to bring together two people from opposite corners of the continent. I'm from Alberta Canada and my husband is from South Carolina. Chris first sent me a message in June of 2004 and we hit it off instantly! We wrote long e-mails every single day and talked on the phone for hours atleast twice a week. Our record for one call is over 5 hours! Chris flew to Edmonton to visit me in Sept '04 and we decided to date exclusively. Several subsiquent visits in both directions followed. Chris proposed on a trip to Bryce Canyon, Utah in April 2005 and we were married in the Edmonton Alberta Temple in June of 2005. We have now been married over a year and we couldn't be happier! On top of a wonderful marriage, we now have a beautiful newborn son. There is no way Chris and I would have ever met if it wasn't for Ldssingles. We owe you our eternal thanks.


Within the first month of membership, I found a profile (Sellsworth) that really caught my attention. I reviewed it again and again, always feeling a certain indescribable something about her.

Both of us had had bad relationships and weren't really expecting to find "something." I sent a flirt and recieved the message back that I should submit some answers on the Compass Profile test. I took the bait AND the Compass Profile.

We were very to highly compatible and this gave us both a sense of security and "safe"-ness. We emailed many times and finally met about six weeks later. Wow!

There is so much more to share about the time we dated, courted and became engaged. What a tremendous journey we have undertaken and are on!

There is absolutely no way we would or could have met had it not been for LDS Singles. We find out now that we had been in the same room together many times throughout our lives, but it took LDS Singles to help us "bump" into each other.

We were married 24 June 2006 and neither of us has been happier. Our love continues to grow and our children already feel as if we are one family.

Thank you again for this great opportunity!

I met Jordan1 on this site. We hit it of instantly! We were both very sceptical about online dating and didnt want to get hurt again but with your help we got engaged on 6/25/06 and are getting married 12/2/06 in the Boise Idaho temple! If I could tell those looking for a eternal marrage where to go, I wouldnt send them anyware but to Once again thankyou so very much.

After just about giving up on dating altogether I was ready to log off of the sites. Then a cute guy from my town sent me a flirt. We continued to exchange flirts for a week and I finally sent him some contact information. It turned out he had only been on LdsSingles for a couple of weeks. We then realized that we had been in the same ward years ago when we were married so we set up our first date. We were together from that point on and 3 months later we were married. We are very happy and are very grateful for LdsSingles for bringing us back to together and healing two very broken hearts.

I appreciated the Singles Site. I met a wonderful lady, "Singlesunshine" , on-line who lived in Idaho.
It happens that she lived less than 100 miles from where I was born, in Idaho.
After mailing each other for a short while, we decided we wanted to phone each other; which we did.
Then we wanted to meet face to face; which we did, in Palm Springs, California at her daughter's with my daughter as chaperones.
After we both went home, we decided we wanted to see each other again. So, she flew to California to meet my family. All of my kids and grandkids loved her. I proposed to her before she left for Idaho.
I flew to Idaho the 4th of May to meet her family. They liked me also. We were married on the sixth of May by her nephew who was also her Bishop, in Liberty, Idaho. We have since moved to our home in California. My bride says to tell you that she is very happy. That makes two of us.

I met a wonderful man on LDSsingles and our wedding date is set for June 30th of this month ... To all those out there searching, look to the stars, there are no limits to what you can find.

met someone on this website. My situation is a difficult one, and it scared a lot of guys away. I honestly never thought I would ever find, (or find me), and I kinda gave up. Then this guy kept sending me messages and flirts, I wouldn't respond, just so I wouldn' t get hurt. That didn't last, I finally gave in, and wrote him back. We met and we are talking about starting a life together. We both live in Texas, but one lives at the top of Texas and the other at the bottom. So we have a lot to work on, but that's just the thing, I have someone willing to work things out. I thank you so much for this website, it's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that's it, keep up the good work, you are truely making true love happen.

LDS Singles recommended I contact another person on the site. Long story short, a year later we were engaged and my soon to be eternal companion and I are busy planning a wedding for July 29th, 2006!

Thanks for the recommendation, you were right!!!

Thanks to LDSSingles, we have finally found our Eternal Companions!! It all began when my brother and sister-in-law signed me up, because that is how they met eachother. I was a little unsure at first. A co-worker signed Kyle up, and he had similar feeling to mine about dating online. From the first "HELLO" we both knew this was going to be someing great! We first met on the site on November 30th 2005, and then met in person on December 31st 2005. We then were Engaged to be MARRIED on January 20th 2006. We were then married in the Las Vegas Temple on April 15th 2006!! We are so in love. We just want to let you all know, that THIS WORKS! We really feel that being on two seperate coasts of the country, we could not have gotten to know eachother any better without LDSSingles. Just trust your feelings..and the Spirit! Thank you LDSSingles, you have truely blessed our lives!

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