Success Stories: 2006
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I know it sounds cheesy, and belive me I was the world's biggest critic of internet dating. I had only been on for a week when I met Dan (yak03). I had just gotten home from a lame date and signed on to chat in the chat room. He IMed me, he happend to be in town, so we went out the next day and now we are married. What can I say? When it's right, it's just right! He is my perfect match! I don't think we would have found eachother any other way. Thank you ldssingles!

I found my one and only on this site. We were married on May 13, 2006. I never thought something like this would work but it does.
We combined two families and together we have 7 kids. It is so much fun watching all the kids interact. It has been the best for all of us.
Thanks for the great service.

To all of those people who think that internet dating services aren't worth it then let me tell you how I met the man of my dreams. Jonathan(teddybear) and I started sending flirts to each other in november 2005, after about a week of chatting online we decided that we needed to meet each other. We met in person on November 8 at the salt lake temple which is a very safe place to meet that special someone. After we met that day we just started hanging out and eventually our first date was at the salt lake temple doing a session. Then I invited him to have thanksgiving with me and my family which he was glad that he did. He was able to meet my parents and many of my aunts, uncles and cousins that day. Then on March 23, 2006 he asked me to marry him and I of course said yes. We are actually getting married on August 22, 2006 in the salt lake temple. We both firmly believe that this site brought us together and are so very thankful to the people who created it.

Thank you for having such a good web site. I found just what I was looking for. Please take me off the site. I am getting married in the Raleigh NC temple on Sept. 23, 2006. Thanks.

Thanks LDSSingles!
On Saturday July 29, 2006 Spywholoved and Chrisayneo were married.
We were both on other sites but it was the format and nature of Singles that made us notice one another and brought us together. It was Singles that we developed our romance and wonderful relationship through. A few chats and lots of flirts and emails and we both knew we had found in each other, the person we had hoped to meet our entire lives. We are so very happy and our now large family has brought both of us more joy than we ever thought possible.
Thank you!

I had three friends who had met their husband/fiancees and decided to try it. I did have to sift through some frogs but I found my prince! We will be married on August 18th of this year!

My husband and I are a success story from LDSSO. We met and chatted online, then met in person two weeks later. He was from Idaho and I from central Utah. We hit it off right off the bat. We have had our first great year of being married.
Thanks for your website!

I had been single for 16 years and had really given up hope of ever finding a good guy. He had been recently widowed and was just entering the LDS singles scene. We became friends through the forum and the chat room. He was actually cyber-dating someone else, and we started IMing about some chat room business. Soon we were chatting for hours and then talking on the phone afterward. The big problem - he lived in Arizona and I lived in Oregon. So we set a date and bought me a plane ticket. But the time went too slowly! Before I even got down there for a visit, he proposed to me in the chat room, in front of all our LDSSO friends.

The date came, I flew to AZ, and never went back. Our children organized the wedding, and I am now no longer Scotlight, but Mrs. ldssingledad. Thanks - without this site, I'd have never met him!

I used to be on this site...and then i let my fiance's friend take over my account. Anyway, I used to live in SLC and i moved here to washington state. I was really on this site as a joke. My best friend was on here as well and we'd mstly talk in the chat. ANyway, long story short, I met my fiance bbal4011 on this site and we're getting married august 12. So i guess thanks for not having ALL crazies on this site!

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