Success Stories: 2006
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I met the man of my dreams on here! We met about 18 months ago and we are going to be married on December 9th. I joined ldssingles never thinking I would meet my future husband on here, but I did! I am in Love!!

I am getting married to someone I met on here about 5 months ago. Thanks for your services.

Dear lds singles, I met the love of my life on your site. I married lonetree lady on Nov. 3. We are compatable in every way. It is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me.

My husband I met July 2005 on LdsSingles. Later we decided to meet in person in November 2005 and then were engaged Christmas Eve 2005. What a blessing LdsSingles has been in our lives!!! We have talked several times about how we could have met if not online and after coming up with several different sceniaros we decided that we were supposed to meet the way that we did! We were sealed in the LDS Chicago Temple May 27th, 06. Although we were in different states for our whole engagement =-( we were able to work it out to spend time together. Even as your frequent flyer miles pile up it is worth it! We were both online for sometime before we met and had preconcieved ideas of not talking "X" kind of person or "Y" kind of person. We will not sugar coat it, we both met several wierdo's before we found eachother, but it is like anything else- you keep going. I have met my husband on LdsSingles, my Sister met her husband on this site and they have been married almost 3 years and my brother met his wife on LdsSingles and they have been married over a year. Each of us lived thousand of miles apart when we met our now spouses, my point is that don't limit your options with only talking to or looking so "this type of person" because you never know what is in store for you.

I found my missing puzzle piece on this website.

October 22, 2006

I met my husband on your website two years ago but
just now finally deleted my account and figured I'd
say thanks. I had just divorced and was just messing
around seeing what kinds of guys were out there, not
interested at all in starting anything with anyone.
About two weeks after signing up I met my future
husband. When my sister suggested this website, I had
blown her off and thought I wasn't the type, but here
we are married with a beautiful eight-month-old
daughter. He lived a mile away from where I worked
but our paths would never have crossed had it not been
for this site. His brother had met his fiancee on
this site, which is why he got on, and a few months
later his best friend met his future wife here as
well. When I read the success stories on this site
when I signed up, I shrugged them off thinking I'd
never write one, but I was happily mistaken. Thanks
for all you do!

IAmSearching4You and I (VitaminZ) got married on June 17, 2006, and couldn't be happier. We met on LDS Singles last January, communicated by e-mail and phone heavily (hundreds of hours on the phone and a binder full of e-mails) before we ever met. When we finally met it was as though we had known each other forever. Thank you so much for facilitating this wonderful relationship and later marriage. We are extremely happy and would recommend your Web site to anyone. Please take both of our names out of your system--we don't need it any longer.

Thanks so much,

Thanks for a wonderful site I met my eternal partner & we are planning a temple weding.
Thank you very much

As a Young Single Adult, I turned to Lds Singles to give me some insight on other singles out in this big ole world. Little did I know, the man of my dreams was closer to me than even imaginable.

His name is Nefi. I have known him for about 3 years. We carpooled to the YSA activities which were 45 minutes away because there weren't many singles in our branch. Well, he finally asked me out on a date and things just went from there!

We got married Sept 9, 2006. I am so happy and so glad to have found my mate! He is such a wonderful man. Return missionary too! He is such a great friend of mine, which makes the whole relationship that much better!

Good Luck to all of you still in search of your soul mate! Prayer, fasting, and patience is what got me through singledom! I pray for your happiness!

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