May 05, 2005
StylinPA and SWAKLW

I joined LdsSingles 4 years ago! I live in the east where the opportunity to date church members didn't come very often. My desire had always been to marry in the temple and if that was going to happen for me, I knew that I needed to take action. I have made so many friends on ldsso. In fact, in the old chat format, many of us girls became friends. We have met, shared dating on line stories, and have been there for eachother on many lonely dateless nights. I also have met and dated many wonderful guys who, even though we didn't make a "love connection", I admire and am better for knowing them. I had been in an on-line dating slump, still signed up on automatic renewal, but not doing much to chat or meet anyone new. I received a flirt from a guy on the other end of the state. No picture, so I wasn't sure I wanted to respond. Call me shallow, but I have had experiences, so I let that one go. On Halloween he sent me one of the nicest letters that I ever received on ldsso, so even though he still had no photo up, I wrote back. We agreed to chat on line, and after a short time of chatting we decided to talk on the phone. We had a really nice conversation, but at this point I still didn't know what this was going to be. He called the next week and asked if he could fly out on HIS birthday to take ME out to dinner. This sounded good to me, so we made plans. I picked him up at the airport and we ate at this wonderful restraurant overlooking the city. The night was magical as was the entire weekend. We knew by our second weekend together that this was meant to be. I am usually very cautious and skeptical, but this time I just knew! He flies in every weekend so we can spend time together and often tells me that I am his priority. I have waited my whole life to find a man like him, and I know that this is more than just a luck thing. We are blessed to have found eachother. We are going to be married in the Washington DC temple on September 16 2005. Thank you LdsSingles for being the tool that brought us together. By the way... how lucky is he? He had joined for the first time the month we met. He jokingly complains that he paid for a whole year and didn't get his monies worth. I say its the best $60 he ever spent!

Thanks Again,

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