Success Stories: 2005
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Thanks so much for a wonderful site. After being on here for about a year I finally met a wonderful man. We starting chatting in July 2004, first met in October 2004 and we were married on February 18, 2005. He is truly a treasure in my life. I had been on this site for about a year so I had to learn some patience (althought it was fun to meet new people). As for my husband he sent me an email the first day he joined this site. Thanks LDSSO !!

My husband first emailed me when I lived in Venezuela in the Fall of 2000. Since then we have emailed many times and spoken on the phone. Yesterday we were married and we are very happy together. I will have him send you a picture. Thanks LDSSO!

saltlakesinglegal and i cjinslc have recently met and become engaged and will be married this summer. it only took one date for both of us to recognize we were a match for each other and very compatible. who would have thought we would meet online-and only live 3 miles from each other-and that our 2nd graders were friends at school-and that we had met prior in passing at parent teacher conference! it definitely is a small world. thanks ldssingles we are thankful and grateful in our meeting and the joining of our now 4 children as one family.

If you would have told me in September of 2004 that I would ever have even looked at an online dating service, I would have laughed my head off.

If, in October of 2004 you would have told me that I would have had contact and chatted on line at a singles site and considered meeting in life... I would have openly gaw-fawed!

If, in December, after chatting, dating, going on group activities from this site, you would have suggested that I would be engaged to someone I met through LDSSO, I would have thought... well, maybe...

Now, it is April 25th, 2005 and my husband and I are celebrating our first month of marriage. I no longer sit as the soul adult on my bench at church! Ldsso provided me with a safe and effective way to meet friends and my husband. For that we are greatful! Thank you LDSSO, for making our dreams become reality. Honestly, things are better than we ever dreamed possible.


Thank you LDS Singles, for helping me find my soul mate. He was 95 miles away from me and if it was not for this network we would never have met. It started with me doing a search for my specified criteria. I sent him a flirt but he did not answer, because he was not an active member. I sent him a message the 2nd time and that prompted him to sign up so he could get the message. We emailed back and forth for a couple of months and took the compatibility test. That test showed that we were very compatible on just about every level. We decided to meet face to face about two months later. We exchanged photos at that time so we would know who to look for at the park. It was very comfortable and familiar right from the start. We have everything in common and are planning to wed soon.

Just a word out there for others looking for that special person. Don't turn away from someone who doesn't have a picture on the system. Not letting physical appearance drive your decisions will allow you to find the person most suited to you. I may not have taken a 2nd look, had I not gotten to know my love first. I am so glad I didn't miss this opportunity to enjoy eternal happiness.

Thanks Again,

Emily and I met on in February. Three days after she first contacted me we talked on the Ldssingles messanger. Durring our chat we realized how much we had in common and were even joking about getting married. We went on a date that afternoon and by the time our date was over we knew we weren't kidding any more. We are engaged to be married on August 11 at the Mount Timp temple.

Just wanted to let you know that I met my wonderful husband Gary on your web site before Christmas and we were recently married. We have so much in common it is sometimes hard to believe. (It is almost a little spooky actually!) I had only been a member of your site for a month or so when he sent me a message. We met a week later and haven't spent a day apart since. Without your site it is very, very possible we might never have found each other. We both agree we've never been happier and can't imagine life without the other. We tell everyone about your site. Thanks is really inadequate to express my feelings! Jan

I joined in July met my sweetheart in a couple of days. We met on 5th of august. Engaged on Labor Day and married the 25th of september. We are so happy and tell all our friends about LDS Single. In fact my Stake President asked for the information for some singles in our stake. As soon as our letter of clearence comes we will be married in the Provo temple. Life is GREAT!!!

In spite of how much I made fun of internet dating, I signed up for this site, and the very same day I met an awesome guy. We began talking every night for hours and haven't missed a beat since then. The first time we met in person, we clicked right away. We spent a whole weekend together and loved every second of it. Ever since then, we've been inseperable. The day after Christmas he proposed to me, and the date is set for April the 30th in the Salt Lake Temple. Thank you LDS singles for finding me someone who shares my values and beliefs.

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