Success Stories: 2005
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Battalionchief and I (luvvb) met this last January on LDSSO. We were both emailing other people but found that really had a great time IMing each other on this site. Soon IMing led to phoning. Eventually we took the big leap and met. We were both very nervous but really enjoyed each other "realtime". It wasn't very long before we knew that we wanted to be together forever. We will be married in the fall in the Idaho Temple. Since we live over 1000 miles apart, we wouldn't have met if not for LDSSO and friends who pushed us to sign up! Thank you everyone.

I have to say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Your website helped me find the most wonderful man in the whole world! A year ago, my coworkers talked me in to trying out your website (my first online dating experience). We have a wonderfully long and interesting story on how we met, dated, and then eventually wed (this past June), but it all boils down to the fact that I would never have met my husband or have become the happiest I have ever been without LDS Singles. We both feel so blessed to have found one another and we always attribute it to you guys!

May our Heavenly Father bless you for making it possible for me to find the man of my dreams (even if he was halfway around the world at the start of our journey).

Please take myself and my new husband off of your website. I met my wonderful husband on ldsso on Oct. 13, 2004, and we got married on June 4, 2005. My husband's name is Brent Fitzgerald and his screename is Brentela. We have had a wonderful courtship and he is all that I have ever wanted in a man. He is my best friend!! Sorry ladies....he's mine now!

Lordcrumb and I (Redheadqt) met on in Dec. 19th, 2oo2

Lordcrumb (orginally) from Switzerland, flew out to meet me in Southern California on Valentines Day 2003. Our courtship prior to that was 40 hours on the phone, plus chatting back and forth on the IM. By that Sunday, Feb. 16, 2003 we knew we were met for each other. Then October 11th 2003, we got married in the Bern Switzerland Temple and honeymooned in Paris, France. Now almost two years later, we are expecting our first baby (a girl)!

Thanks Ldssingles, for making our dreams come true!

Bullgoose (am just deleting the account) and KrisMM (deleted last fall) were sealed in the SLC temple. We met on LDSSingles and have been grateful that we did. With me in Ogden and her in Payson we likely would not have met by any other means. Thanks!!

After being on this site for 3 years and writing jillions of guys and going on maybe 30 dates, Alex finally wrote me! I don?t know if I had missed his profile on one of my exhaustive searches or what, but I was immediately impressed with him. We had a quick connection with dynamic emails and phone conversations. He came out to visit me in Utah after 2 months and then moved here from Texas 2 months after that. We are now engaged to be married in the Salt Lake Temple on Oct. 6, 2005. I just want to encourage the people who feel that the internet dating scene can be one disappointment after another. I thought that many times myself, but my endurance paid off. I stuck with it because I couldn?t stomach the dances and those crumby singles conferences that have a common ratio of 5 girls for every guy that I still have nothing in common with. At least with the internet, you can screen people for the same interests, so you?re not stuck wondering if you are going to have any commonalities with strangers that can be intimidating to approach in person in the first place. Good luck to all of you who are trying to find love.

Tell people to HANG IN THERE.

I had never been married (they actually applauded and cheered when it was announced in RS!). I was about to give up my LDSSO membership when it expired in two weeks (after two years) and he had just joined LDSSO two weeks prior. I was from western Canada and he was from the western USA. Our engagement was very long because of immigration backlogs and changes (9/11) but we finally were married in Hawaii. It wasn't, and hasn't been, easy. But, after all of the tests and tribulations, things are finally starting to come together and we weathered the storm(s). Yahoo!

Thank you LDSSO!

I logged onto your account while in Iraq and looking frantically for a good LDS girl to be in contact with. There were an abundance of GREAT girls from my area and had a great time just getting to know a handful of them. Then after I returned from my tour in Baghdad, one stuck out from the rest and now we have a date to be married in the SLC temple. My friends and family all laugh at me in both amazement and awe at what can come of something so easy to use. Thank you.

Thank you LDS Singles, for helping me find my soul mate. He was 95 miles away from me and if it was not for this network we would never have met. It started with me doing a search for my specified criteria. I sent him a flirt but he did not answer, because he was not an active member. I sent him a message the 2nd time and that prompted him to sign up so he could get the message. We emailed back and forth for a couple of months and took the compatibility test. That test showed that we were very compatible on just about every level. We decided to meet face to face about two months later. We exchanged photos at that time so we would know who to look for at the park. It was very comfortable and familiar right from the start. We have everything in common and are planning to wed soon.

Just a word out there for others looking for that special person. Don't turn away from someone who doesn't have a picture on the system. Not letting physical appearance drive your decisions will allow you to find the person most suited to you. I may not have taken a 2nd look, had I not gotten to know my love first. I am so glad I didn't miss this opportunity to enjoy eternal happiness.

Thanks Again,

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