Success Stories: 2005
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I met oretheus on your site in February, and now we're engaged! We will be getting married on March 11 in the St. George temple. Coincidentally, after we first started e-mailing each other, we learned that we lived across the street from each other in Logan! We have had a long, fun courtship and anticipate spending the rest of our lives together thanks to


Thank you so very much for all your help. I've found my eternal mate. And we're getting married in January!!!!

The spirit bore witness to My mom, my future mother-in-law, my future sister-in-law,my fiance and me all at the same time....How awesome is that?!!?

I give all the praise, honor, glory and thanks to my Father in Heaven for blessing me with such a sweet, choice, special, Spirit.

Best wishes in all y'all do.

Thank you so very much and God bless.


I had been on LDSSO for about 2 yrs and had dated quite a bit during that time. I have been in quite a few relationships, been to several relationship seminars and talked to so many people for advice and how not to make the same mistakes I had in my first marriage. Needless to say I was pretty picky. Not in looks or anything like that I just wanted to find somebody who would treat me how I deserved to be treated. I was looking for somebody who was strong in the church, loved me and felt lucky to be with me, and loved my kids like his own. Well, I found him!
He was also looking for the same things as me and had been down a similar road. We were both ready to settle down and have a happy life.
He noticed my profile first but I had a message on there saying I was involved with somebody at the time so he didn't do anything. When that didn't work out he checked out my profile again a couple months later and still didn't do anything but I saw that he had checked out my profile so I checked out his and liked what I saw. :) I sent him a flirt and he quickly responded and took the lead from there. We chatted and messaged each other for a couple weeks. Then he finally got the nerve to ask for my phone number when we were chatting one evening and said he would call me the next night. Two minutes later my phone rang and it was him. He said he could't wait a whole day to hear my voice. How sweet is that? He called me the next evening and we talked for hours. That went on for a couple weeks then we finally talked about actually meeting. We both have kids. I have two little girls and he has a son and daughter. We had then on opposite nights so it was almost impossible to find a time to meet. We ended up doing something that could have been a mistake but ended up being the best thing ever. We all met each other at the same time, all six of us. We decided to go to a baseball game with all the kids. I was so nervous to meet him but the moment I opened the door and saw him standing there with his two kids I knew this was something special. After that evening we were together every day. We live about 30 miles apart so we took turns on which end of the valley we would be in. The kids were with us most of the time which is sometimes a good thing hee hee. He proposed on July 4th as we were looking up at the sky and watching the amazing fireworks. His kids were in on the whole thing which I thought was really cute! We have been married for a little over a month now and I never thought I could be this happy. Our kids get along so well and we are all just very happy! Our first conversation online we talked about the movie hitched and now we are hitched. lol

My husband and I were first introduced on last year. Funny thing was, when I messaged him, his account was inactive. Four months later, when he reactivated and messaged me, my account was inactive. Somehow, we both got back online and the same time...and made the connection of our lifetimes! We couldn't believe we had finally met a person who was everything we had always wanted and didn't believe existed! Does not the Lord indeed work in the most mysterious ways?! Thanks!

HJordan and Astral were married August 12, 2005.

First of all, I have to say thank you for your site. This last May I
met a wonderful girl (username Ginarie), (my name is Dirk2112) on your site. We talked on the phone for a while, then met in person... and we've really hit it off. I had been hesitant to use the term "soul mate" before now, but I certainly believe in it now. Gina and I are having the time of our lives dating, and marriage is not far off. She lives in Denver, I live in Utah. Were it not for your site, we would never have met. THANK YOU!!!!

Over the course of three years, I wrote letters to dozens of women on the LDS Singles website. Some never answered. Some answered once or twice. A few wrote back and forth for several weeks. And I had opportunity to meet several others. Like many of you, I was frustrated. Then, in late July 2004, while on a military business trip to England, I wrote Nightengalesong. After just a few short weeks of writing, I began calling her daily from Kosovo (in the Balkans). I was allowed one leave during my tour of duty and I took it to spend Thanksgiving with her. I finally left Kosovo in April 2005. On July 9, 2005, we were married in the New York City Temple.

Be patient. He or She is out there.

Dear LDS Singles,
On June 10, 2005 my beautiful wife and I were married
in the Los Angeles temple. We owe it to your site and
the opportunity it gave us to meet. At the time I was
living in Houston, TX and my wife was living and
working in L.A. I was planning on moving out to
California and my best friend, who also met his wife
on LDS Singles, suggested I create a profile and meet
some girls before I moved. I didn't think that
meeting girls on the internet was much of an idea, but
based on his success I decided to give it a shot. I
met Mandi my first night of browsing. After reading
her profile and seeing her pictures I knew that I had
to contact her so I paid the money and signed up. She
was the first and only person I ever talked to on LDS
Singles and the rest is history. I couldn't be
happier and I owe it, in large part, to y'all. Thanks
for giving members of the church the opportunity to
meet other good members that they may otherwise never
have the ability to. Keep up the good work.


Dear LDs Singles.

I just want to thank you from the bottem of my heart. If it was not for LDS singles. I would still be a single women. But now with the thanks of your web site I am now married to the most wounderful Man. His name Is Jeff Nuttall or site as ( jnuttall) We found each other about a month ago. well and the rest is history. I have never had so much in common with some one in all my life.
I want to thank each one of you and your staff for all of your hard work and dedication for people like me to find their eternal companion.
Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart.


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