November 05, 2003
Butrfly1313 and Needafriend

WOW!!!!!!! This web Sight really Works!!!! I never thought that I would
find exactly what I need and what I want on a web sight dating service, but
Mark and I couldn't be happier. We were married on September 18, 2003.
Just as I was starting to get discouraged he sent me a message. I confess,
if had been a flirt I never would have responded. When I saw his picture I
wondered if he was my type. He wasn't the typical guy that I would be
attracted to, but then I saw him with a picture of his 2 year old son, I
knew I had to write back. His message talked to my heart and I could tell
that he was different. We met, and things were not perfect. The first date
we went on he ran into a parking cone, poor guy, but it broke the ice and
after that it all went smooth. He is kind and gentle and loving and more
than I ever thought I deserved. We met 9 months ago, and it has been the
happiest 9 months of my life. It has been hard dealing with ex spouses, but
life is full of challenges and now that I am with my eternal partner I feel
I can make it through anything. Thank you LDS Singles for bringing me
happiness that I was beginning to think was just in the movies.

Much Love,

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