August 08, 2003
The Rogers

While I was attending BYU-Idaho one of my roommates and I were bored one weekend. We got a flyer for and decided to go laugh at people on the Internet. We found out we had to subscribe and decided to take the risk. We spent the next few days in our free time chatting with a few fun people. One afternoon in between classes I was checking my e-mail and got an IM from and LDSSingles user. I replied and we started chatting. As I was leaving to go to class he asked if he could call and talk on the phone. I was really skeptical about giving someone on the Internet my phone number, but figured he wouldn't call anyway. A few minutes later, just as my roommates were asking if I thought he would call, the phone rang. We ended up talking for the next few days on the phone a lot. We decided to meet. I was scared, but when I met him something was very different about how I felt about him. He was living in Provo, and my friends and family all thought I was very crazy to be going to see someone I didn't know. I took a roommate with me to be safe.
The next week he came to visit me, and the next week we went looking for rings. I had always told myself that I would know the person I was marrying for at least a year, but when you feel it's right, there is nothing that can change that. ( I think we may have set a record for how quickly we were engaged.) We were married this August in the Mount Timpanogos temple. I am so glad that we found each other, even though we always debate on who gets to tell the story of how we met. Now we tell our other single friends to check out LDSSingles.
Thank-you so much,

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