Success Stories: 2003
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Leta and I met on LDSSO last August. Leta is from Washington State and myself from Calgary Alberta, Canada.We had both spent time searching for the "right" partner, looking at countless profiles, viewing galleries. We had communicated with many members from most of the Northwest and even some from as far away as Florida. Leta had been on the web site for quite some time, but I only since March of 02. Leta had looked at my profile but had not chosen to write (perhaps I looked too intimidating.) I Looked at Leta's profile and photo and was very intrigued by her photo gallery. These photo's were not of Leta, but of some of the artwork she had painted. What a delightful experience that was. Leta had taken the chance and displayed not only how she looked from the outside, but also from the inside and I was moved by what I observed. I saw the complete person, I needed to look no more, I had found that magic that can ony appear when the notes are in harmony.
I wrote to Leta and expressed my gratitude for what she had shown me of her talent. From that point on we we chose to love each other, even without meeting. This was not "Falling in love" it was "Choosing to love." We met on Vancouver Island last November for the first time and what a spiritual moment that was, replete with tears. I went to see Leta and her family in Washington this April and Leta and I will to be married on 31st of May. 03.
We plan to be sealed for Eternity in the Seattle Temple next year.

I was a divorced guy with children and thought I would never find another to marry. Having custody of my children and the work such a large family presents, I thought I would spend years raising my children alone.

Through your service we found each other, this service does truly work in meeting potential mates, falling in love and marriage. We have never been this happy in all our lives. We thank you LDSSO!

I met my fiance on LDSSO in November of 2001. We e-mailed through December and January and finally met on January 21, 2002. Around April, without telling the other person, we both cancelled our membership with LDSSO. Continuing my membership while I was dating someone I felt I could spend the rest of my life with, made me uncomfortable. By Christmas, we were engaged and now will be sealed in the Washington, DC temple this Summer.

Although I had attended singles' dances in my fiance's ward building for many years, LDSSO provided the environment we both needed in order to meet and get to know each other. We took the time before we actually met to get to know each other through e-mail and felt like old friends by our first date.

He is a wonderful man, a strong Priesthood holder, and my best friend. Heavenly Father has answered all my prayers about my eternal companion.

Thank you for this wonderful service to the LDS community -

Hi all just to let you know Maput & I (eternallyangelic) are engaged to be married later this year at the Mt Timpanogus Temple ,around Christmas time .Maput proposed at the Grand Canyon on the May 7th 2003 .We met in person a few weeks ago after months of long phone calls & e-mails & are extremly happy .This is a great site. Thanks for helping us.

P.s Long distance can work. We only have 5300 miles between us. Maput is from Utah & Eternallyangelic from England.

Hi All,

WE are very happy to share the news of our engagement last night! We each had reservations about a finding meaningful partner online, but after many (MANY) wonderful, long emails, chats, phone conversations, and a joyful meeting---we are happy. Happily engaged. Now is the tough part, choosing a Temple!

Thank you.

Rob and Alyce met on LDSSO and went on the fall cruise to meet in person. I was sceptical to start with. We met in person, he proposed, and now we have married in the temple forever. This is Alyce's only and first marriage at 51 but we are truelly in love with each other. We were friends first and we put Heavenly Father at the head of our home. Thank you.

I am (was) 'firstenburg' on your site. I am getting married to Wahine1973, whom I met on Our wedding date is July 12th!

It was a buddy of mine who introduced me to her profile on He called me one day to have me view her profile. He was excited to meet her because she lives in his area (Seattle. I live in Portland OR, 3 hours away) I thought she was beautiful and wanted to write her, but he said that I couldn't. I did anyway (All's fair, right?).

I created a 'guest' account, then sent her a flirt. Within an hour of me sending the flirt, she sent me a message!

I was so excited I signed right up so that I could get the message. We wrote back and forth (literally) 12 times or so over the next day. It felt like a real-time chat session. I then asked for her phone number, and we spent several hours a night on the phone with each other over the next 2 weeks.

Then we were able to meet in person and have our first date. The 2 weeks on the phone had convinced me that if this girl was really as amazing as she seemed in her profile and on the phone, I was hooked. She was all that and more.

I made our first date an all-day deal, like the show "Blind Date", with multiple activities through out the day, with dinner and dancing planned for the end of the day.

I continue to fall more in love with this amazing woman each day! Thanks for making it possible for us to meet.

we met on this site and he just proposed to me today. its been the best day of my life and i'm so glad i signed up for this service though at first i thought it was a silly thing to do. we chatted a couple times online and decided to meet at his friend's house for SuperBowl party. we hit it off and have had a wonderful time getting to know each other. Three more months til the wedding! well, i won't be needing this service any longer, but i don't regret having it one bit!

Masajista and ladyeveryday

Rick Dyer and Twila McLaws corresponded for nine months, met in person April 2002 and married in December.

We couldn't be happier!!!

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