Success Stories: 2003
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I have the most wonderful man on this site - username is/was Booth. We are planning on being married the end of August. Thanks so much - this is the best thing that ever could have happened to either one of us! Heavenly Father truly is in charge and in control of our lives. We just have to be willing to do His will.

I (Kimi) had been on for about a year. I enjoyed being
able to chat with different people, but never seemed to get the chance to
do too much with anyone. I was about to just take a break from
everything and just quite when I got a flirt from someone,
so I decided to just stay on for one more month. I was about to get off in December of 02', when I finally got a flirt from
ncbond. I messaged him back, and found that he has in turn emailed me
back. From my experience the guys wouldn't e-mail back more than three
times, so I was nervous to see what happened next. Nick, and I continued
to e-mail, and when I had sent my fourth message, I awaited his eagerly
and nervously because I found that to be my own little test to see
whether or not he was really interested. On a Saturday afternoon I got
my message!! I could not have been happier. We emailed back and forth
through January, and found we had quite a lot to say to each other. Then
I got an e-mail, and he had asked me out for February 7, 2003!!! I have
never been more excited to go out on a date. The funny thing was that we
had found out that we lived five minutes away from each other, and had
gone to the same elementary school, and junior high school, yet never met
before! A week before the date he had come over with his brother to
introduce himself to me. Instead I wasn't there, and he got to chat with
my dad. (Who was very impressed), then he was able to come by later, and
introduce himself to me! My own little test was to see if we had a hard
time finding things to talk about, and crazy enough, we didn't seem to
run out of things to talk about! We continued going out for a month, and
then on April 3 we had gone bowling and he told me that he loved me, and
I said the same. He started to get quiet on the way home, but me, I was
completely oblivious to what was coming next, even when he almost missed
my street to take me home! Nick said, I have a question for you....and
you can say no if you don't want to. In mind I was thinking he was going
to ask me if I wanted to go to his grandma's birthday party, so I
couldn't figure out why he was having a hard time! Then he asked me to
marry him!!! I was so blown away but immediately started to say YES! We
are now going to be married October 10, 2003 in the Salt Lake Temple. I
could not have found a better man, and one that is so right for me.
There is no way I would be able to be married to Nick had it not been for Thank you so much for this web site!!


Started emailing year and a half ago, met in person a year ago,
and voila, married last month! My ldssingles username is/was
m57959 (never updated it!), and hers was vagablonde.

I found a wonderful woman. This does
work ! My name is Steven Moody (trueloveseeker)
I found the woman for me and we are going to
wed soon.

I subscribed to LDS Singles more as a joke, but I met my future husband there, we will be married on June 28 in the Bountiful Temple..... without LDS Singles, we would never have met, never have found the connections that have bound us together with the many similiar interests......I was single for many years, too busy, raising my children, going to school, working after my husband died to even think of going someplace to meet someone....but here it was easy, convient, and well great to meet Mr Wonderful! He was also too busy, and his grandson signed him up also more as a joke....but it has been fun getting to know each other and finally actually meeting, dating, getting acquainted with each other's families and now looking forward to June 28...... Sincere Thanks.....

Mal656 and Apollo7 will be entering the house of the Lord in San Diego, CA, on June 21, 2003 to be married for time and all eternity after a 2 year courtship meeting on LDSSO. What a blessing this is for the both of us!. We both knew it was best to keep it slow and build upon all the wonderful things we were both growing to love and learn about each other and we did just that. Thanks to LDSSO for having this great site available to all single people who want to meet and search for the "one." It's been a long road to this now wonderful point in both of our lives and we're so excited to finally make it here together.

My username is classy40plus and I am not subscribing anymore to because I am not single anymore. I met my husband (as of March 22, 2003) on-line at and we clicked very well. We met and found out that we lived within minutes of each other. I met others on-line and so did he. We became friends and talked alot. Then after the first of the year, we realized that the person we were looking for, we had already found in each other. So, we are an success story!

It is a great website for meeting people and friends. I had been to the dances and found that the website was great for connecting with people and then meeting them at the singles events in the area. It is a good resource

KevinJames & Deeds first started e-mailing back in December of 2002. Once we met for the
first date, it was magic! After only a few weeks of dating, we both knew
that this was something very special. We are both in our 30s and had never
married. We both live in Salt Lake, and yet had never met. Thank you,, for helping us to find the perfect person! We will be
married in the Jordan River Temple on June 7th, 2003, and are so happy and

Leta and I met on LDSSO last August. Leta is from Washington State and myself from Calgary Alberta, Canada.We had both spent time searching for the "right" partner, looking at countless profiles, viewing galleries. We had communicated with many members from most of the Northwest and even some from as far away as Florida. Leta had been on the web site for quite some time, but I only since March of 02. Leta had looked at my profile but had not chosen to write (perhaps I looked too intimidating.) I Looked at Leta's profile and photo and was very intrigued by her photo gallery. These photo's were not of Leta, but of some of the artwork she had painted. What a delightful experience that was. Leta had taken the chance and displayed not only how she looked from the outside, but also from the inside and I was moved by what I observed. I saw the complete person, I needed to look no more, I had found that magic that can ony appear when the notes are in harmony.
I wrote to Leta and expressed my gratitude for what she had shown me of her talent. From that point on we we chose to love each other, even without meeting. This was not "Falling in love" it was "Choosing to love." We met on Vancouver Island last November for the first time and what a spiritual moment that was, replete with tears. I went to see Leta and her family in Washington this April and Leta and I will to be married on 31st of May. 03.
We plan to be sealed for Eternity in the Seattle Temple next year.

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