Success Stories: 2003
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ESPNLady: I was 72 hours away from cancelling my membership to LDSSO in late
September of 2002, when I happened upon a profile that caught my eye. The
profile of LGABBY was written in such a sincere and heartfelt way, I HAD to
reply. We deadened the batteries of 2 cell phones and 1 cordless phone
during our first telephone conversation, which lasted eight hours. Upon our
first meeting, our eyes locked as if we had known each other long ago - the
connection was electrifying however, both of us "weren't looking for
something serious" at the time. As we grew to know and care for each other,
we realized that our meeting wasn't accidental. Throughout the twists and
turns of our former lives, we realized we had to go through trials and
tribulations in order to appreciate what was intended all along. On December
24, 2002 - with his 12 year old son and parents present, dressed in Christmas
PJs, my "knight in shining armor" proposed. And though we faced a few
obstacles along the way, we never lost sight of our goal - our eternal
companionship. In a sunburst-lit sealing room in the San Diego Temple, June
14, 2003, I knelt across the alter from the one whom I had dreamed of for so
long and we were sealed for time and all eternity. Dreams do come true!

He sent me a message about the Lakers because he knew I was origionally from So Cal and I asked him. we talked via LDS singles for a couple weeks to find out more about each other. I finally asked him to go to a hockey game w/ some friends. It was a Coyotes game even though he's a major Sharks fan. We met at my place right before the game and we've seen each other everyday sine. We dated for a few months and we've been married for 3 and a 1/2 months and he's wonderful!

We met on this site on Feb 7th 2003 and plan to get married on April 24th 2004.
Thank You for helping us meet our soulmates. Without you who knows how long it would have taken to meet each other. Thanks Again!!!!!!!!,

After being on the site and dating several people I actually found the one that the Lord has prepared for me. His profile name was Christiaan02. I am so happy that I met him! Thanks,

In May of 2002 I, (Leggycountrygirl) received a request for correspondence from 10rnotes. At that time I thought he was to old, (hee hee) but decided I would approve it anyhow. WOW am I glad that I did! Even tho we were only "online" buddies for months, helping each other through the "ldsso relationship" of the month.... We continued to chat by phone and by email becoming closer and closer pals. In January of 2003 we found ourselves unatatched, so I asked him to join me for a Toby Keith concert, and FINALLY meet in person~ not thinking anything would happen! But GUESS WHAT??? Something did happen! Heavenly Father stepped in and now................
We are getting married in the Portland Oregon Temple in August 2003. Thanks to ldsso and all those "failed" relationships for bringing us together. We are eternally grateful!!!

Hi! I'm extremely happy to report the successful chance incounter I had one fateful night on LDSSO! It so happened that I was at the end of my online rope, and was cancelling, yes CANCELLING, my membership when I got a typical message from another member. Being as frustrated at fail attempts to find MR. RIGHT I wasn't very nice to the poor guy, but something about him just kept me talking. So good news is!!! We did a lot of talking, on and off line, dated, got engaged, got married... and now the next step....multiply and replenish! So... Feb. 10th 2004 will make Dash8kid and myself (KellyGreenEyes) proud parents! And it's all happened SO FAST! Time flys when you're having fun! It all goes to show that quiting is for quitters and winning is for those with computers!


I joined LDSSingles believing that nothing would happen. Within one week, I was communicating with a terrific lady (Dene) who lives just six miles from my home. We both immediately recognized that we had found the person that we were looking for. We feel that thru LDSSingles, we were led to each other. We will be married in the Bountiful Temple on August 23rd. Thank you for providing this service and for bringing us together.

Thanks to the Lord and to the LDS Singles website, I have met the most
wonderful man. He is Tano and I am Smilenhappy and we are going to be
married this August. I have often read success stories and have even
signed up occasionally for the service over the past few years and I
never thought I would find my eternal companion here. So if you are here
looking for someone, you may have to pull a lot of weeds before you find
your rose, but it's worth it!

When I went on LDS singles, I wasn't "looking for love." I had ended a 16 year marriage to a nonmember. I was just looking for friendship, and dating sisters with the same standards as myself. My search somehow dipped about 200 miles south of me, to "Cuddlebugs." in Oregon. Her picture revealed gorgeous cheeks, and her profile caught my eye as well. I sent an email on February 21st, and had a quick response. We emailed each other and found we had almost lived parallel lives. We had both made more than our share of bad decisions and realized that true happiness came only through serving our Heavenly Father and the Plan of Salvation. Soon we started talking on the phone and then we just got closer and closer until I had to make the 4 hour trip to see her. We quickly realized we were falling for each other and spent a lot of time on our knees, both together and apart, for our Heavenly Father's counsel and guidance. We knew that we wanted to share eternity with each other. We are planning a temple marriage in the future, but on May 24th, we were married civilly. Until I met her, I don't believe I have ever known true love. Thank you.

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