Success Stories: 2003
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I'm getting married to Yorkto on LDSSO - thanks so very much for
helping make this possible!!!

When I (texangirl) signed up for this site (at my sister's insistence!) I NEVER
dreamed I would be writing a success story for it! But I am now engaged
to a wonderful man (arnburkie), and we are to be married in the Houston
temple on December 6. We are both a little shy, so this was an
ideal way for us to meet. Plus the fact that we live 1300 miles from each
other! The only advice I can give is to gather your courage, take the
plunge, and when you do start talking to someone, be yourself! Sometimes
it's hard to take that first step, and long distance relationships are
hard - but WELL worth the effort!

Michael and I met after emailing and talking on the phone for month. We dated and married on Sept 15th. We would have never met if it hadn't been for this site.

Thanks LDSS0!!

I married rrstang!!

After several years of using your service I became disillusioned and discontinued your service. Two days later I received a message from one of your new members and out of curiosity I resubscribed so that I could read the message. We exchanged emails for a couple of days and discovered that we were both visiting our mothers the next weekend in nearby cities. We met for several hours and decided to try long distance dating (we lived 2000 miles apart). After a year of phone calls, emails, and plane rides we were married in the SLC Temple this past July. I didn't know it was possible to be this happy. Thank you LDSSO. Without your service we would have never met.

I had been on LDSSO for about one month and dated guys here and there. Then I met my future husband. He was funny, honest and fun to be around. He even went shopping with me on the first date. Definitely a keeper! We have been together for almost four months and have both never been happier. We can't believe we found each other on a website----but are thankful that we did. We plan to marry next May and begin our lives together. Thanks LDSSO.

Well....LDSSingles.Com...I never thought I would be sending an email like this...nor did I expect to find the love of my life from an internet dating web-site. But frankly there really is no other way we could have met. Rob Woellhaf (otherwise known as CaptMoroni) is from Denver, CO, and I was living in Provo, UT. Just due to distance the chances are pretty much zero of us coming in contact with each other. I had been on LDSSingles for about 6 months and went through phases of being interested and putting forth effort into getting to know guys and meeting some...and not having much contact or interest or hope in it at all. However I continued to return to the website because, though I lived in Provo, the supposed hub of LDS single dating activity, I was not too big about the social scene. I'm 27 and I felt a bit old and out of place for the majority of social opportunities at BYU. Besides I graduated this year, so I was needing other opportunities and venues of meeting people. Well, Rob sent me a message in June and I was thrilled to have gotten a message from him. Something about him stood out to me more than many of the other guys that I had been in contact with on the website, not only is profile, but also the message he sent me. They both really caught my eye. The fact that he was living in Denver did put a small damper on things, I was accustomed to sticking with communication between guys in the Wasatch Front...naturally due to the ease of meeting and dating such prospects. Well, after a few weeks of daily exchanging of excellent letters, I decided to propose a meeting. My little sister and I took a road trip to Denver and it was instant clicking and chemistry!! We have seen each other at least every 2 weeks since then. And recently I've been living in Colorado so we could be near each other for a while and accomplish more things. We are getting married on November 7th in the Logan, Utah Temple, and we just want to thank you and your service. We feel that with out you there would be no us.

Bob and I have now been married nearly 2 months. We met on Aug. 7, 2002
and were married nearly one year later on Aug. 2, 2003 in the Bountiful
Temple. We are very happy together and feel very blessed to have found
on another! Thank you LDSsingles! Your service was such a blessing to
the both of us! We recommend this service to all who are looking for a
way to find an eternal companion! Take the chance! It is well worth

Your site is where I found my wonderful husband - THANK YOU!! I have been married since June and I didn't know there were any men such as him left out there. Thank you again!! Eternity seems much brighter now. :)

Warmest regards,

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