Success Stories: 2003
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we met on your site. we're getting married april 2004. we will forever be grateful to you, as there was probably no other way in the world we ever would have met. thanks!

I met the most awesome individual. She is an angel. I have been
on this site since the firt of the year, and I have finally met the girl
that I wish to give my 100% attention too. Therefore, I'm leaving this
site. Thank you,

WOW!!!!!!! This web Sight really Works!!!! I never thought that I would
find exactly what I need and what I want on a web sight dating service, but
Mark and I couldn't be happier. We were married on September 18, 2003.
Just as I was starting to get discouraged he sent me a message. I confess,
if had been a flirt I never would have responded. When I saw his picture I
wondered if he was my type. He wasn't the typical guy that I would be
attracted to, but then I saw him with a picture of his 2 year old son, I
knew I had to write back. His message talked to my heart and I could tell
that he was different. We met, and things were not perfect. The first date
we went on he ran into a parking cone, poor guy, but it broke the ice and
after that it all went smooth. He is kind and gentle and loving and more
than I ever thought I deserved. We met 9 months ago, and it has been the
happiest 9 months of my life. It has been hard dealing with ex spouses, but
life is full of challenges and now that I am with my eternal partner I feel
I can make it through anything. Thank you LDS Singles for bringing me
happiness that I was beginning to think was just in the movies.

Much Love,

LDSSO is where I met my fiancée?. We are to be married in the San Diego Temple on November 22, 2003. I couldn?t be happier. He is the man of my dreams.

Our story is this: He flirted with me after he had only been on 2 weeks. I had also just re-joined after having been a member and then letting my subscription lapse. (I was not active with LDSSO for 3 months.) Amazingly, Brad sent me a flirt when I had only been on 2 weeks also! We met for a very short lunch date at Wendy?s and then made arrangements to meet at the party at Waldo?s. We have been inseparable ever since. I am very happy to have found such a wonderful man???.

My screen name was Poohcorner & he was Woodpro.

We met on this site about 6 weeks ago and then in person on Sat, Sept 20 at the Jamba Juice at BYU. We then went to a BYU football game and I think there was more scoring going on in the stands than on the field? especially with BYU football these days. Have you ever believed in ?love at first sight? well we always have and that is exactly how it happened. The next day was Sunday and Randy called Danette and said he needed to see her? they met in SL and drove to Temple Square together? and it was as if time stood still and that all of the elements were combined just to bring them together. Randy asked if Danette was scared, she said, ?a little, but I feel I have known you forever?. He told her that he would be calling all the girls lined up on ?heart break hill? and give them the word, that he had met someone, that she could do what she wanted, but he would only be dating her. On the following day he sent her an email telling her that his heart would break in two if he couldn?t hold her in his arms today? yes it is true, it has been a ?whirlwind romance?! Since they met, they have often told each other how blessed they both are to have found each other? how many people really have the opportunity to feel this way? to be this much in love?!!! Danette had been feeling for several months that she would soon meet someone and be married by March, but she really didn?t dare believe it could really happen to her, especially after almost 16 long years of waiting. Randy was impressed that she had been saved for him? It?s true! When Randy asked Danette how long she had been waiting for her she said, ?My whole life, I have been waiting for you my entire life!!!? The stars were aligned just right? everything fell into place? their love was heaven sent. In trying to describe the love they feel for each other, they decided there was really no way to describe it except ?Divine and Godlike?!!!

Both of them were ready to take a break from ?LDS Singles? for awhile? glad they both tried one more date!

Good luck all you singles out there? it really can happen!!!

All our love,

Dear LDS,

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I
(needafriend) married butrfly1313 on 18 Sept, 2003. We first began
communicating on LDS Singles in January, 2003 and met for the first time on
February 5th. We seemed to have been meant for one another. We cancelled
our memberships on LDS Singles around March, and never looked back.

I want all who may read this to know one thing.........LDS
When I first signed on, I never imagined that I would find THE One, the
person that I had been looking for all my life. I had gone through 2
divorces, and had pretty much given up on ever finding someone that I could
spend eternity with. Then along came Valita. She was EVERYTHING that I had
ever dreamed of in a woman, and as it turns out, I was everything she had
been looking for in a man. I know that there are a lot of bad assumptions
out there about on-line dating, but I for one can attest that LDS is absolutly wonderful.

Good Luck to all.....I know you will find that special someone!

My Sincerest Thanks,

Crystal and I met with a little flirt she sent "winking" at me. I checked out her profile and found quite a bit of interest. I flirted back and sent an email answering a little question she had in her profile. The emails were great, and she gave me her phone number to call her after a couple weeks. The first phone call was terrible and Crystal thought I would never call back. However, I did and we had a date that same night. Two nights later we went to university football game and had one of the bests dates of my life. She had the last date with another guy the next day and we never parted from then on. After dating for five months I proposed the day after valentines on the top of Powder Mountain while we were night skiing. Two months later we were married and are happy to this day.
Thank you for building this wonderful website and bringing Crystal into my life! We have never been happier.

"anothersweetspirit" of Kaysville, Utah married "musicmaker" of Edinburgh, Scotland on Oct. 15, 2003. If you'd like photos (he's in kilt, of course) I can send some. Thanks for bringing us together.

I always laughed at my room-mate for dating online. I thought you only met
crazies on the internet. She told me not to knock it until I tried it. I
figured it would be a good joke to try it out and write silly messages to
people. My room-mate "nursemarilyn" got the last laugh when I ended up
marrying the man of my dreams in the Nauvoo Temple two months ago whom I met
on Anyone who knows me would testify that finding a guy
exciting, fun, intelligent, and good-looking enough to impress me would be a
miracle. We're so happy together. Thanks for the miracle!

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