Success Stories: 2003
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We just wanted to thank you for this wonderful way of meeting other singles. We both had made fun of people who met and married online. I had been on the service for about 2 years and had met several nice guys but had never met my Mister Right. Daryl had gone through a bitter divorce and didn't think he would ever be involved and for sure never marry again. We met in Oct and felt as if we had been best friends forever. He is the love of my life and I never would have met him with out LDSSO thank you so much. We were married last Friday March 14 and we are so happy.
Thank you again.

I have met a wonderful companion on the LDS singles adult site. We are getting married the first week of april. We are very compatible and so happy to have found each other.


Thanks for being a great online service for meeting other LDS singles. After my divorce I was hesitant to start dating again. I have a toddler and it was hard to go to single functions in my area. I got on LDSSO and began chatting with other singles. I could chat while I watched my toddler. I met Chris and we hit it off. He is from New York and I am from Idaho. We will be getting married this summer (June 2003). Yeah! It is a perfect match!


I met Sweetjimbo in Oct. 2002 after talking on the phone for 2 months daily he finally was able to come up to Idaho from Calif. and meet me in person. We knew when we met that we were to be together. we met in Dec. and were married on Jan. 25,2003. We both have Multiple Sclorisis and that is what drew us together. Jim has moved to Idaho and loves it here. Having patience has brought a very special man into my life who loves me and we take care of each other. I hope and pray all find that special someone that God has for them.....don't be afraid to reach to other states you never know where that person will be....
Take care God Bless

Eight more days...and I will marry the love of my life! Michael and I had seen each other at
single adult functions, but never connected. Then we discovered we were both
on "the site", and it gave us a vehicle to start a dialog. We finally went
on our first date the first week of November and...WOW. I belive in love
again. We will be married on February 28th. I didn't think the site was for
me, and meant to leave but never got around to it. Thank goodness! I am
grateful for my experiences here.

There is hope!!!

I sent a small greeting to Joeman last February when I did a search on "any sane worthy man within a 500 mile radius". We began slowly at first, and began the phone courtship a few weeks later. We decided to meet at the end of Parley street in Nauvoo March 23, 2002. It fit. The slipper exists, the fairy tale comes true! Joe "issued the call"(he is a branch president) a few weeks later, and we were married July 6, 2002. We will be sealed in the Nauvoo Temple on July 26, 2003( His birthday). Joe has adopted my children and we have truly gone from "something's missing" to a family. We are sooooo happy. A word of advice: Pray for your future companions, and pray to be ready for them. Invoke your faith and all will be well.

Thanks for your service. After hours of chatting and phone calls I made the daring move to meet my special guy. Now we are planning on getting married this July. We are thankful that we were able to meet and are looking forward to a very happy life together. Thank you for your service.

Thank you so much LDS Singles for the service you provide. In August I received a message from a wonderful man. We wrote back and forth for a couple of weeks and then we both knew we had found something special. Without your service Luis and I probably never would have met. I live in Utah and he lives in Peru. In December I flew to Peru and we had our first "real" date. I spent the holidays with Luis and his wonderful family. We are going to be married this summer in the St. George Temple and we are so happy. Through your service Heavenly Father brought two unlikely people together that will now be able to experience the joy of spending eternity together. Muchas Gracias!

Well, success stories do happen--suprisingly enough. My fiance and I are pleased to announce that they do. On Jan 23, we met for the first time after speaking for two months on LDS singles. Neither of us were looking for a spouse, and neither of us really thought we would find anything but people to talk to. And then we started talking. WOW. That's all I can say. After we met, there was nothing else to say but what's the wedding date and how big a reception. so hourocket and belletx are getting married, on Aug 9 of 2003. Seems like forever, but its going to go so fast!!!

Good luck to all the rest of you! and remember to keep optimistic. If one doesn't work, your future may be around the corner you didn't think you'd turn.

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