Success Stories: 2003
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Your website really works! We were shocked!! I was sent a flirt by Wade (Newbie26) at the end of June. The next day I sent a message and we hit it off instantly. One week later Wade was deployed by the Air force to Afghanistan. Needless to say, we spent 4 long months getting to know one another through daily emails. We really got to know so much about each other and fell in love despite the fact that we had never met in person! He FINALLY came back in the middle of November and it felt like we were old friends. We can't imagine our lives without each other and we are now engaged and soon to be married. Thanks LDSSO!

Blh1515 and birdhansen were married on December 19, 2003....we met on LDSSingles....thank you so much for the great ride.

Met my wife on site, actually before I was able to get the photos on, I had trouble
with that. She told me she was going to a dance, and without committing to go
I decided to show up. I knew what she looked like. Somehow she guessed who
I was right away. We danced and talked for about 3 hours and said bye.
I was sure she wasn't right for me. We continued sending messages but I wanted to keep looking. I went out again a couple of times, but my daughter-
in-law said I should see her again before writing it off. I called her one day
to go for a milk shake. Something clicked and we got married about 3 months
later. Thanks

I?m engaged to a wonderful girl I met on your service.

She is from Toronto and we are setting the date sometime in June or July.

My husband and I met on here in August 2002. I was on here just for fun and so was he. In sept. we both felt that we didn't want to continue our membership on LDSsingles, but wanted to stay in touch by email. Emails led to everyday chats. Those led to phone calls everyday. We had to meet. I flew up in at Thanksgiving to met him for the first time AND his entire family, yikes. This was ment to be. We felt so comfortable and we felt like we knew each other forever. We were engaged in Jan. and were married for time and all eternity in the Boise Idaho Temple on June 14th 2003. And it all goes back to you, helping us meet. Thank you.

Nadene Mattson and I met on LDS Singles and were married on November 22, 2003. Thank you for your service.

I was surprised to find the man of my dreams on this site...I
didn't think I would. Ciao.

We're engaged! DaisieBaby and I first met here on LDS Singles.
After a couple months of writing, we met in person and that sealed the deal
for me! We both agree that we never would have given the other person the
chance we both needed to get to know each other and develop our love had we
not met online.

My wonderful fiance and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for
providing the site for us to meet. It was so great to have a way to meet
other quality singles without having to take valuable time away from our
families and wasting money on single activities we really didn't want to be
going too. We also wanted to encourage those who are on this site to NOT
GIVE UP! It took some time for us to get together but it was all worth the
wait. It sometimes takes awhile to find the right match, but dreams really
do come true and there is such a thing as Mr. or Mrs. Right! One bit of
advice from those who have been there? Make sure you are healed from the
past and are in a good place emotionally, financially, spiritually, and
physically so that you will attract the right kind of person. Believe me,
we had to learn that the hard way! We wish you lots of luck and all the
happiness we have found,

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