November 10, 2002
Dr. and Mrs. R. Saxey

Our success story is listed in July, 2001 (Lisa Sprague)- - my husband and I were married August 1, 2001 in the Portland temple. After a year that could have been too stressful for even stable relationships to survive under, I am very glad to say that we are happier than we ever thought we could be! When my husband and I married, we blended 6 children. The 3 older ones are now off on their own - two were also married last year and one is off to pursue a masters degree. The three left at home have adopted my husband as their "dad" and it seems almost unreal that we all get along so well. Our families have embraced us and it seems like we have been friends forever. When I tell other single members how we met, they now tell me how many other people they know that have met on LDSSO. In fact, there are 4 couples in our ward alone that are happily married because of LDSSO! In a town with the population at 17,000, this truly is remarkable.
For the ladies out there, I would say take heart. There are very good LDS men who are faithful and sincere and are willing to be a good partner and father. Don't give up, give in, or relax your principles for any reason, and in time, you will find your soul mate. Meet the guy right off and make sure you know who he is before you make rash decisons, but DATE! and use LDSSO as a venue in meeting great men.
To the men, my husband would say "you will meet your best friend, companion, sweetheart and helpmeet if you are focused and know what you need to make your life complete".

Thanks for helping make our dreams a reality.


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